Impossible cake - Impossible Pie

Submitted by enr on 26 Jul 2013
4 eggs
2 cup milk
1/3 - 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
100 g soft butter
1 cup coconut
1 tsp vanilla essence (or one ampoule or 1-2 sachets vanilla sugar)
1 tbsp butter to form
Impossible cake - Impossible Pie
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Heat the oven to 180C degrees. All products are placed in a blender and crash around 2-3 minutes. The liquid is poured into a well greased baking dish with butter or form pyrex glass - 25x25 cm. Bake for 40 minutes. Can be consumed both hot and ice cold. * cake has a crispy crust, but inside is actually cream with delicate texture. * You can break with ordinary blender or mixer - importantly all the ingredients to be broken to complete homogeneity and above only swim coconut shavings. * Work on the cake is less than 5 minutes.
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26 Jul 2013


It seems great ... this cake! A and quickly prepared! :) I would certainly do it!

I was just thinking that long ago no one has played, impossible, incredible, fast and irresistible cake. Raleigh baking pan with what size is it?

rally looks very tasty! Will be made, no way :)

look like a cake baked cream, but how to cut?

Temptation big ... and with ball or chocolate ice cream with berries. And I ask for the baking pan size and degree of roasting. Thank you.

I did it. It is really impossible delicious cake. Became a little thin, because large baking pan came, but the taste is amazing. Thank you for the delicious recipe. And next time you will use the same pan with a double dose or put it in a little. But will be many more times. And will put my photos.

Ivka how big your pan?

Now I Merritt. Roulette wheel 28 cm. Next time I'll put it in the slightest. It is 24 cm. I think the mixture should have a height of 4 cm 3. I'll put pictures of drip baking pans.

Impossible ... yummy:) cake! Little did popripekoh, but it is delicious! Coconut shavings were like caramel! BRAVO for the recipe !!

Shortcake with soft texture. More hot it started. My pan is pyrex square 20/20.

And us we like:) Lightweight and very pleasant to the taste:) I did a double dose (lately it happens as prepared something the other day to do it again, so now was secure;)) My baking pan is also fireproof size 40/27/7

Rally, thanks for the fantastic cake! I had a small amount of coconut and I added it with ground walnuts - get is a little imagination!

Please give me degrees of roasting, my oven is a bit peculiar.

180 degrees in preheated oven 40 minutes. I put the baking pan on the bottom of the middle of the oven for not very constipated and become perfect, with a crispy crust;)

Dear girls! Excuse me for the late inclusion! I was very sick yesterday and I seem to recall that in delirium I have read here, do not do not know what ... Interest in the recipe is really pleasing, but the cake is worth it :) source not mentioned the size of the baking pan, and the baking pan that I use is 25 x 25 cm. Degrees for baking 180 (the source 350 F). Ivka, Nelly, Flower, Manuelka, Renco, I'd be glad that you liked and recapitulate the recipe! I Rule 2 times and the first time as Reni not enough coconut and completed with minced almonds. It was also very tasty. The second time was in the recipe. Both times we were starting it warm and then store it in the refrigerator, in the heat at the moment I do not gamble. Now heat cold seemed better, but winter will probably be back :) Girls, your photos are great! Thanks to all who have given explanations and answers for me! You are wonderful!

is incredibly delicious, I tried it hot, I put it in the refrigerator and will see and how cold it will be, but is divine

Very interesting recipe! I have encountered similar cake, only with the name smart cake. You should try it! :)

Petya, you sweet! I'm sure you will like and cold :) Svetlana, may justify your expectations! :)

hot on us and I liked the task again tomorrow to do it, and not five minutes and the mixture became only be baked and warm cream is as soft Cheese mmm, good wonderful recipe

I did a double dose now and bake. How long will it take to this kolichestvo- guess more than 40 minutes, but how? Numbers with dry stick does not apply here :)

Iliana-1983, and I rule in a double dose to 40 minutes, in the middle of the bottom of the oven to brown, not much.

Iliana depends how big baking pan. If the double dose of it filled about 2 fingers at most 3, then 40 minutes should be enough. If the cake is higher, give him more additional ten minutes, but it traces not burn. Gets you brown it out. Good luck :)

Manuela, you might want to share how big your baking pan, it would be a great convenience :)

Now you eat it, not endured ha-ha-ha ... Peko one hour. My baking pan is 28 cm., But quite ponapalni- by poopeche even rose and beyond, and it is 4 fingers high. Naturally, then dropped. Top has a delicious brown crust, but inside is mekichko. I would say that is Coconut cream caramel :) As cooled down, I'll write how and cold option. Can not wait. Great dessert Rally! Thank you :)

I had written in comment 11 baking pan size, but I will write 40/27/7 oblong shape :)

Manuela, excuse me, not conformed to consider the comments and they applied my back ... Baking pan you almost twice as much as mine, so 40 minutes for a double dose is perfect, bravo how you complied! :)

Iliana received was, as my mother said, *Complete God filled! *:) :) I am very glad that you like it! :) Coconut cream caramel, exactly the same thought occurred to me, as it Qusay, except caramel is obtained from baked coconut crust!

cake is great! Just eat and hurried to write a comment while I still sitichko. Since I love custard, it will surely become one of the best home-made recipes.

Kate, thanks for the nice comment :) Enjoy your meal!

After all the positive reviews for this cake, I'm ashamed to say that I did not get :(. Inside was not a delicate texture and stands as sour. I hoped I liked the taste, but it is not what you describe. Where is my sin? I followed the original recipe in which Indication that a blender crashed 10 seconds (more precisely translated - count slowly to 10). I thought that if prepared with a blender 1-2 minutes will make chips and mushy. Rally, what do you think? What went wrong?

John, dear, lest something with eggs is wrong? Or not broken well flour? I left it in the blender really 2-3 minutes, to be sure. Consistency became as ayran. Above his swimming chips, they can not break puree, for the simple reason that the liquid is very rare and is and chips and reach the blades to what will be pressed to cut. I think this may be why - flour not dissolved well. But can someone in the heat of the products was not very fresh and affecting both the texture and taste. I already 3 times and I did it every time was successful. Try again, dear!

Mila Rally, so I do not fall as they listened to during the break. I enter the site to see what measures it is because h. H. Has a capacity of 240 ml here and in Bulgaria - 200 ml. Because you mentioned that mixer may be used, and there are misled that a blender is necessary much shorter time. :) I'll try again, dear :)

Another *test* and of us - it was very tasty, thanks for the recipe :) sladki64e, I use a glass of 240 ml, I do not think there will be much difference with this 200 ml in this recipe.

Nevi, it is good that you are received, you sweet! John is not at all certain that I am right in my assumptions;) Sometimes things do not occur and so. I hope if you try again you successful. And the glasses and I do not think that is important, so I gave in glasses (generally avoid such relative measures) and weighed only oil (the original is 1/4 or 1/3 h. H. The oil, how you will make all your married cups with butter;) Have a nice day to you all :)

A little while ago I made the cake, stahoten is. Only next time I'll do it in a small baking pan, one in which I did now May golemichka. Thanks for the recipe, go to Favorites.

Vanya, good appetite :) I yesterday it served warm with ice cream Coconut own brand of REWE (looked at your profile, it could not find it :))! If you actually do it again - try, you will not regret it!

Rally, first start with the excuses :) I made the cake for unexpected guests, I had coconut and put walnuts (hence its color is such and I guess that is why crack). Not so beautiful as sweets of the other girls, but ... was very tasty :) Everything crumb to eat :)

Reni, I do not think it does not look good, just different :) The picture presents it in a pretty good light. I'm sure it tastes good, because I was replacing half with almonds was also very good. And Reni55 was also supplemented with nuts and it was liked. And with walnuts remind you custards or lose this note?

Rally, missed to write that instead of vanilla cake flavored with bitter almond essence and in combination with walnuts resembled many flavors of creme caramel :)

Very tasty cake! I sglupih however to spill too large baking pan May put more oil. However, it is palatable, aromatic and half gone. Huge thanks for delicious proposal.

BlueCaramel, thanks for the positive comments. Next time I'll try it in a small baking pan, then it will be just higher, but the taste is still the same :) Enjoy your meal :)

Rally, I did this time. The reason has not been in the egg (or a product) and in the duration of the shear. Delicious cake. Thanks for the recipe.

Yoanka, bravo :) I hope the small also approved it. Tomorrow I will do it again, my brother will come with their little ones, and as the daughter in law read here, ordered it and they tried;)

cake made in mono muffins. Yummy! :)

Eli, a very interesting idea :) I wonder whether retain shape after subtracting, and whether to draw easily. For a taste, it is clear that it will be the same and I am very glad that he is seen as attractive you :)

For a long time I played them take out of baking pans, but most of them kept their shape, would be broken. :) And because next week I rozhdennichka us, I have in mind to do the cake instead of cake. I would be grateful if you give me ideas of what is appropriate to decorations. :) Thanks in advance :)

Rally, it is! :) This time I did it with coconut and a smaller pan. Is incredible! No, that is not tasty nuts, but this is ... no words :)

It was delicious! We ate it warm, but I think that cold will be even more delicious. I did it more baking pan and next time will necessarily use less. The oil was not a very soft and do not seem to mix well with other products ... and this will mean for the next time. Very easy and delicious recipe, thanks!

Rennie, great photos you've done;) and for the cake again to say is really amazing yummy :)

Gergana, makes me very happy that you liked the cake, this is the most important improvements and variations can always invent :) Reni, I'm glad that coconut :) you liked the pictures are very nice . Eli, the first think you should do a double dose to make it look like a cake. But you have to decorate it in the baking pan, which is baked, because I doubt that in turn would keep its shape. You can still try a single dose, if you manage to turn it into a dish, and from there to the plateau. If you succeed, then maybe to try a cake for the holiday. I personally, however, I cut it into diamonds, and I arrange them in a baking pan of some geometric figure, each piece I decorated with plenty of fresh fruit in bright colors - black currants, raspberries, cherries, strawberries. you can break one protein of snow for kisses and use it as a *glue* for the fruit. I think it will be quite spectacular white cake with bright decoration in all possible shades of red. Another option is to decorate all in white - to rabiesh some cream on the basis of sour cream or cream cheese to molding each piece to put raphe, coconut, powdered sugar, grated white chocolate, whipped cream, white sugar beads or white sugar flowers. These are just ideas. Will look forward to see what you :)