Lazy zucchini oven

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2008
3-5 zucchini
1/3 cup sunflower oil
2 cup flour
1 cup cornmeal
500 g yogurt
2 eggs
3-4 cloves garlic
Lazy zucchini oven
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Cut, salted, stayed about half an hour to drain in a colander, courgettes its rolled into the dry mixture prepared by two types of flour and pepper to taste. Put them in a greased baking pan (if cut into large cubes - discharged, but if they are cut almost the same size, not too thick pieces are arranged close to each other at a height slightly lying), the top pour 1/3 cup sunflower oil and bake in the oven at 200 ° C until golden brown and until they are ready. Top is crushed feta cheese dish and bake 5 minutes, during this time, prepare topping of egg, milk, salt and pepper to taste, pressed garlic, dill, 2-3 tbsp of flour mixture oval. Pour over with topping and bake until golden brown. The dish is more delicious when it is cold.
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23 Jul 2008


Very well received, for lovers of dishes without meat.

recipe is great!

Many are these delicious zucchini, BRAVO!

Many were delicious, but I do not need to drain, because my little stick baking pan although she covered with oil.

They became stahotni. Congratulations on your fabulous recipe.

Wonderful recipe, quick and easy! We like!

A great recipe, and it is appropriate now in the season of courgettes! I namaznyavam lightly pan do not stick. When serving them again pour the yogurt!

Super recipe! Tensions oblzahme your dishes!

Tonight made them again for dinner, just to take advantage of courgettes which unfortunately are coming to an end for the season :( They became great, and topping is fluffy and melts in your mouth. :) Amazing yummy, even a and easy to prepare;)

delicious recipe for Bravo!

were great ... licking your fingers all at home and ask for more

Wonderful recipe. Many were delicious zucchini. Without stain, to fry. I had cornmeal and put breadcrumbs instead of oil greased baking pan and meadows top with olive oil.

Very good recipe! Just as I knew it was over, I was not able to do even photos.

I did not expect such a result. Very tasty obtained. will definitely repeat :) Going to favorites :)

are Super! Easy and delicious.

Thank you,' quick, easy, tasty '

I loved gently perfect for this season!

It was really very tasty dish. Thanks for the recipe.

Great became. I made them without topping. Next time will try with it.

Congratulations for the recipe! Became unique yummy. And really cold are even more delicious.

Incredibly tasty dish, I did not expect. Six great recipe.

great recipes have become very delicious!

It was delicious! Comments all at home were VERY NICE! :)

really becomes very tasty, and it does not take much time to prepare! :)

Very tasty camp. Bravo for the recipe. If you add tomato sauce and cheese, whether it be good?

I do not put bread crumbs, but the recipe has become a unique taste!

It was very tasty. Definitely go to Favorites.

Often they do, very delicious! Sometimes put more eggs and yogurt miss.

Fast, easy, delicious :)