Gratin potatoes and cheese

Submitted by enr on 25 Sep 2007
500 g potatoes
30 g butter
150 g feta cheese
200 ml milk
2 eggs
Gratin potatoes and cheese
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Peel the potatoes and boil once ready to peel and cut slices and ranks row potatoes in well greased tray. Crumbled feta cheese spread on potatoes and again ranks row potatoes. Beat eggs, milk and salt and the mixture is poured over the potatoes and the feta cheese. Place top pieces butter dish and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes at 200 C.
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25 Sep 2007


Instead of eggs and milk, showered him with a little mayonnaise and mustard. Top grate cheese.

It seems to me that with mayonnaise eating becomes more severe.

We love gratin home, but I put finely chopped dill and cheese and it very tasty!

When almost ready grated cheese on top.

There is no way you do not feel like eating! Bravo!

Super! Soon I was wrong gratin, but watching it makes me feel like eating and you will have to think about it. :)

became well :)

very tasty! :)

is that I'm glad you like it. It is really very tasty.

My favorite dish, but the potatoes put pepper, parsley and a little chubrichka and serve with a spoonful of yogurt.

I did it with cheese River. Serve with a spoonful of yogurt ... mmm ... fantasy! I am vexed that I missed pepper!

Tomorrow I'll just cook this delicious meals :)

I might napravoh raw potatoes. became super

is very tasty! I put savory and mayonetsa and superb

I also put mayonnaise ogretenat is not hard, because it is absorbed by the potatoes, but it is much more juicy. Furthermore, not slice the potatoes into slices and cubes and mix them with other products, so my easier and better distributes cheese. Finally, as with a little cheese sprinkled it great!

Ogretenat, gyuvechetata, cheese shoppe and I baked them adapt CF and are quick and easy to prepare. These are recipes that will not become how!

Very nice recipe, potatoes but not boiling, and bake them and then lick.

You're right, Maggie, so I have not tried, of knowing Angry how potatoes are delicious, but the principle is the same will surely get a lot better. Next time I will constipation.

Super easy and tasty proposal. Now put it in the oven later will share how it is.

last snimchitsa with beer - is it true ... Retsapta perfect for summer!

Very tasty!

It is very tasty! Grated cheese on top.

Very tasty get on top and sprinkled with a little savory.

Potatoes cut into cubes and mix them with the cheese.

I put more oil Yee added bekon..mnogo tasty

I added a few mushrooms and peppers

I did it in Jena pot :) super camp, add a photo

It was very tasty. I added cheese to topping - great!

I shave potatoes. With garlic sauce and very tasty.

I'm doing salad with yogurt and eggs. Becomes even more delicious.

It was very tasty.

Well ... pensionelska my work - still look postnichkite cooked meal. But you gratin multi-CSO your love. Easy and simple retseptichka but the result is yet smart.

be perfect

to eggs and milk add 1-2. L. Flour, dill and fake ... does not remain! :)

great night out. Very light and vegetarian. I added a little more savory and fresh milk. Thank you! :)

It was tasty, I added sausage and cheese on top :)

It was very nice!

Home is one of the most favorite dishes (and most often prepared) :) Sometimes you put milk (I use more eggs) and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Very delicious and easy!

It was great, thanks for the recipe :)

instead of milk I used yogurt. It was amazing! :)

Very tasty !!I added the breadcrumbs in the covering medium to milk and flour to give a crispy crust :)

ideyalno became :)

I added and savory. Yummy!

Very tasty, first try to do gratin, at home we like.