Layered cake virtuoso

Submitted by enr on 25 Feb 2012
# For the base:
2 egg whites
100 g sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 vanilla
50 g hazelnuts
#Base side dressing:
2 eggs
60 g sugar
40 g flour
20 g cocoa
1 vanilla
# For decorative white stripes:
10 g soft butter
10 g sugar
10 g egg white
10 g flour
# First layer - chocolate Ghana:
100 ml liquid sweetened pastry cream
200 g chocolate
50 g finely ground roasted walnuts
# Second layer - orange cream:
3 eggs
1 yolk
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
125 g butter
zest of 1 orange
1 vanilla
# Third layer - cream coffee:
2 egg yolks
100 ml cream
150 ml milk
100 ml strongly brewed espresso
3 tbsp flour
1 vanilla
7 tbsp sugar
20 g gelatin
# Fourth layer - Ricotta cream with vanilla:
200 g feta cheese Ricotta
100 g sour cream
150 g sugar
grated orange peel
2 vanilla
20 g gelatin
# For the glaze:
100 g chocolate spread
150 ml milk
10 g gelatin
The base beat hard snow egg whites. Gradually add the sugar and vanilla and continue mixing until a solid tips. Carefully add the flour, stirring with a shovel, then add the hazelnuts. Draw a circle on the baking paper with diameters of 22-24 cm or as the diameter of your cake form. Pour the egg white mixture, gently smooth and make a circle. Bake in preheated oven at low 140C. Stir until completely homogeneous necessary ingredients for decoration and pour them into Posh with a thin tip. Spraying in the drawn shapes on baking paper. Place on sheet tray or board and freeze in the freezer to 20 minutes. For the base, beat eggs well with sugar and vanilla until a thick cream. Add to egg mixture sifted flour and cocoa. Remove from the freezer decorated sheet with a spatula and dab it on the chocolate dough. Bake pad in a preheated 170C oven for 10 minutes and be careful not to burn. Cut up the cold base of two or three strips lengthwise. For ganasha warm cream to the boil, add the chocolate and stir until the walnuts and get a smooth cream. For orange cream in a small saucepan put the eggs, egg yolks and sugar. Blend briefly with a stirrer. Add orange juice and rind, and the butter, cut into pieces. Boil the cream in a water bath until thickened. It takes about 15 minutes. No need to constantly stir it. After thicken through a sieve to be perfectly smooth. Leave to cool. For the cream with coffee mix the flour with the sugar and vanilla. Put the egg yolks and pour a little milk. Stir until a smooth slurry. Then pour the remaining milk, coffee and cream. Boil the cream to thicken the water bath or in a container with non-stick bottom. Take away from the heat and pour the gelatin into the hot cream. Stir until completely dissolved. For the cream in a large bowl, combine the cream and rikotata and mix. Then add sugar and mix again. Add the vanilla and orange peel. If you have orange liqueur, add 2-3 tbsp Finally, add the melted gelatin in a water bath. The cream is ready. Assembling - place the base in a baking dish and put it on the clamp ring. On it, on the walls of the ring, put the bands of the base. Pour over the base ganasha. After a little tense apply on it orange cream. Then pour the cream coffee cake and leave for 2 hours in the refrigerator to set. After having tightened the last pour cream with ricotta. Smooth well and leave the cake well to set before applying the glaze. For glaze, combine chocolate with hot milk. Put the butter for its sheen and while hot and pour gelatin. Mix well. If there are lumps rendered gelatin, simply strain. Allow to cool and thicken slightly. Pour the cake with semi glaze and after tightening disengage from the ring. You can leave the cake with this icing - becomes shiny and milky brown or lead it to powder your cocoa. * If you want to make it easier not necessarily make all 3 cream, but only those that you love.
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25 Feb 2012


I wonder, with so many different creams and fragrances not you gets a little too confused to taste?

This is cake and Yoli is a step by step in the site looks very nice and interesting, you only need the courage to make, I'm her identified and will try and do not doubt for a great taste. Cream cake virtuoso and it's name and such.

Yes, for the cake requires courage and a little more for products making it. I also gather courage and hope soon to make her and published the pictures! Me even interesting for me to shift tastes creams, I guess is really something unique!

cake I worked on it more when I saw her on TV is unique taste