Pita with milk and yeast

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2011
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
300 ml water
100 ml milk
800 g flour
egg 1
1 tsp vinegar
1/2 Cubes of fresh yeast (20 g)
Pita with milk and yeast
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In cold water add sugar, salt, yeast and leave a few minutes to rise yeast. During this time sifting flour in handy for you and vessel shape in the middle well, it put the egg, vinegar and milk then add a little water with the yeast and knead until a nice dough. The dough wrap in a towel and put in a warm (20C in the oven or on a radiator) for about 30 minutes. We take the risen disc of dough and make small balls as cap and arrange a suitable pre-greased pan with sunflower oil, after put them leave for 10-15 minutes to blow in the beads. Mazhem top with egg yolk and put oregano and optional colored salt. Bake about 30 minutes of C
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16 Oct 2011


Didi cake looks very beautiful and delicious guess will try and passes Bookmark

Thanks must try :) Share then how is received!

Very tasty cake! Bravo, Didka! Congratulations! I was wondering what to do for breakfast tomorrow! Will sets up tonight to rise at night!

thanks Nelly

has a wonderfully kind

I really like the recipe, but how many degrees bake?

heh-heh :) Degrees disappeared somewhere ... didka2705, most likely will be able to respond. I I'd bake at 180C, but everyone knows the oven.

Tonight I decided to try. Excellent result at home all loved it ... Many thanks for the great recipe!

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Many thanks for the recipe, bread became a wonderful

At what temperature to bake and how screwed?

cake is very vusna. Only that, I might I shaped otherwise. Congratulations to the recipe.

Get me very fluffy and delicious cake :) have a picture.