Eggs French

Submitted by enr on 17 May 2010
1 bunch fresh garlic
1 bunch spring onions
100 ml white wine
200 g sour cream
150-200 g cheese (feta cheese or Gouda, Emmental)
2 cubes frozen spinach (1 / 2 bunch fresh spinach)
salt, pepper
50 g butter
1-2 tbsp olive oil (sunflower oil)
5-6 boiled eggs
Eggs French
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The eggs are peeled and cut into halves. Cut spinach, garlic, onion and sauté in the fat after about 5 minutes, add the wine, cream and 2/3 of the cheese. Pour the sauce on the bottom of a fireproof container. Sauce on rank halves eggs by putting up with the yolk. Cover with remaining grated cheese. Bake is.
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17 May 2010
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It looks very appetizing. Well, since there is not sold fresh heck, can I replace it with dry? Abe will try ...

this recipe can be changed in an innovative way: add mushroom mixture sauce rations in cups, as each is clicks raw egg-cups are placed in a pan of water and bathroom not very strong fire (pot was capped) and boiled 5-7 minutes.

Oh by when they invite me yesterday sent fresh garlic BG. and vednagagi did were just super

Today I made them again but replaced the eggs with broccoli great garnish. Well it just is unique sauce and can be combined with many vegetables so I ordered fresh chean and will cut it and put in the freezer.

Fast and simple to prepare. They are also very tasty.

Wonderful recipe Vesi! Instead of fresh garlic cloves put several old. Everything else did, as described. We like! This is a recipe that will do regularly! Thank you :)

Doby, very appetizing picture! I recorded the recipe to Favorites long ago, I have unfortunately forgotten about it! Will correct the mistake these days :)

Thank you, perunika :) The recipe is very easy and very tasty! I liked that I was able to use part of the Easter eggs in a manner different from the usual.

After appetizing pictures of doby found a way to harness and I Easter eggs. Very tasty!

I love unexpected guests, like that unprepared! :) Then I received the best ... Today was just such a visit, I have not wondered many, many chose the French eggs appetizer. I did a double dose ashamed to say: nothing was left ... everything is eaten. Great recipe!

perunika, lu4a, glad that my picture you are prompted to prepare the recipe :) perunika, as the double dose was eaten, it means that the dish is assessed on merit :) This is definitely a recipe that will do often! I think to try and raw eggs to let the sauce to envelop ...

Doby, definitely was very tasty! For options with veiling of eggs and I thought, but I decided for the first time to follow the recipe. Next time we will experiment :) Do not forget, thanks to Brida, a shared recipe!

I did not recipe with cooked and with veiled eggs and I loved it. Will definitely repeat!