Pork chops with mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 29 Aug 2007
pork steaks push 1 cm thick
500 g fresh or sterilized mushrooms mushrooms
1 cup wine
fat frying
Pork chops with mushrooms
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Chops are crushed and lightly fry in a little oil until browned on both sides. Add salt and arrange in pan - order steaks, mushrooms row. Top pour the fat, which are fried steak and a glass of wine. Allow to simmer on very low heat for 1 hour. can be prepared with veal. Do not need much seasoning, because mushrooms are fragrant enough.
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29 Aug 2007


These steaks are very good, but I do them in where fat fried steaks, add 4-5 onions, pickles, carrots and mushrooms just like you! With this mix, fry range between steak and red wine in add 5-6 tablespoons oil. Pekka course in clay stew about 2 hours! Spices of course add black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, garlic!

Great, iana! Very nice option for pork chops suggest! I only put mushrooms because home very much do not respect the onion.

Last night I made them and became magical delicious, excellent recipe and feasible, congratulations!

Do it this way: in a clay gyuvechnik put Ed onion, order steak (maybe chopped meat), mushrooms and so turn to filling gyuvechnika, this is salted, nothing else. Put in the oven and bake. Supe is. May only with onions and meat.

good option, drndej! However, in many houses do not respect the onion, let alone steak, so make them only with mushrooms.

I just registered. But the recipe grabbed me that is easy izparnima. Will bake in clay casseroles.

This is a favorite recipe of my family at Christmas

Little changed the recipe, because I'm not fond of fried carrots and added color. Became very successful, thanks

Roughly how much meat is put?

Very tasty and easy recipe above. Just a little pepper added. The meat was about 1 kg and get better value.

What is wine? I guess red?

I think in this case would result in red and white.