Lentil stew

Submitted by enr on 04 Jul 2009
250-300 g lentils
1 onion
about 10 cloves of garlic
carrot 1
2 tsp red pepper, salt, savory
1-2 tomatoes
1 red pepper
3-4 tbsp fat
stalk celery
2 tbsp flour
Lentil stew
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Onions, garlic and carrot finely and sauté them with fat and less water. Add the washed lentils and red pepper Valley 2-3 cups water or broth and stew about 20 minutes. Add grated tomatoes and chopped pepper and celery and other spices if you need to pour more liquid. Boil a little fuzzy and add flour with water. After removing from heat, sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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04 Jul 2009


Mmm, I love lentils with garlic and many gastichka! Maggie Bravo!

Thank you, from my mother so I learned to cook!

That's what I do with it, but do not put celery!

Mmm, I love lentils. I put the garlic cloves whole, as with scales. Bravo Maggie delicious meals ...

Yesterday I used fresh garlic and onions choked again became delicious! Thank you :)

Maggie, a friend told me that her fried lentils cook.Now with your recipe became clear to me what *frying* question.At soon will cook lentils in your recipe.

Ive, suppose that your friend has in mind suffocation. Thank you :)

One of my favorite vegetarian dishes.

Maggie delicious lentil rules in January once again now will do. Well done.

Glad girls that she hresvate this stew! And we are a favorite :)

Bravo Maggie became great and first cook lentil stew

on the packaging of the lentils of *bushel* is a very nice recipe with Indian spices.I had by all, I put curry and cumin.I liked the result.

Bravo Maggie. very tasty dish

I finally Fry garlic, flour and paprika! Becomes very tasty. And the taste of garlic is felt more.

lentils is very good, classic recipe and always happening. I did it with melted butter fat, and no celery (because I did).

Well done girls, interesting options you have done :)

Well done, Maggie! Gorgeous recipe!

I will also join in congratulating the recipe, I'd never cooked because my husband does not like, but our daughter is 2 years old. I decided that it will not deprive you of the lentils. Is great!

Hey, you are very dear :) I did not expect that so many will like it!

mmmlyats mlyats will now make it :)

Super leshtichka :) Thanks for the recipe, well there are such sites otherwise I 0: D xixixi not that I can not cook, but not open you the recipe can not I read it. I know how it works but no recipes I can :) Thanks

Bravo and my Maggie! Today for the first time I made herself without my brother. Now wait male home is experience and his opinion. I put fresh tomatoes instead of 200 grams. acetamidomethyl mashed Philicon away with water and put celery.

The most common lentils and so nice comments :) Thank you very much!

Maggie, for you may be plain, but to me for the first time was very good. :) Tomorrow will shoot if I will upload photos. :) Soon I can try and your other recipes. :)

great taste camp put a picture :) Thanks for the recipe :)

Wonderful recipe! Until now I had not put pepper in the lentils, but it will put. Was very tasty! :)

Iagoda, pepper adds a nice flavor, so use it in other dishes! Thank you all for the nice words :)

When I cooked for the first time all loved it. Today again I made this delicious yahniyka, but I add more lovage and Tanacetum balsamita instead flour add a wrinkled potato, peeled cooked, but all with the lentils. It gorgeous!

I had not remembered to put the potato to thicken, will surely try, and thank you :)

Thank you for the great recipe! :)

very well received.

I am very glad that you like, at home as prepare it ends pretty quickly :)

mmm Very tasty

Wonderful recipe. Congratulations!

I'm glad you like my recipe!

and I do so and became great! Fast, easy and healthy :)

already many times and I'm doing it all like it. Today I decided to add the meatballs in it that first izparzhih that my husband still wants good piece past the lentils. Now cook and I hope I have not spoiled the good recipe that will make me very angry.

lentils is very vkusna..bravo for retseptata..vsichki loved it ..

and I do in this recipe. It is very delicious.

Every time I'm doing it in this recipe, it is very tasty!

It was very tasty, although not put celery and pepper and made it with canned tomatoes.

I do not put pepper and I'm doing it with canned tomatoes. It's always very tasty! :)

but I use a lentils of konservabi should finally put it to the coup not much and become mushy. Give advice on how to do

but 10 cloves of garlic will you not then bitterness

marceto82, first steamed vegetables, then put the can lentils - at least twice as much as the weight of the dry and do not add water or put a little - with tomatoes, peppers and celery. Caught up mode, if necessary can add water. Finally thicken with flour. So do I, my cans are pretty tight grains and not too much liquid. Garlic is a matter of taste, but 10 should not be too much.

ready has become really super, at the expense of the roll where I burned a little chi chi chi

I have prepared it, and became delicious.

I do make a lentils of tin and put pepper and garlic cloves sliced ​​them .. Because I have stomach problems not suffocate in advance. Put all ingredients in a crock stew and stick it in the oven. After boil leave it to boil 20-30 minutes. It also tasty.

How lentils canned? Do they sell? I've seen beans, lentils but ...

Yes, but is less common. Since I do not have much time for cooking often use beans, peas and lentils canned. They are cooked well and not having to wait to boil.