Liquor Nutella

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2010
1 tbsp instant coffee, for example Ness
700 ml vodka
400 g chocolate spread, such as Nutella
125 g brown sugar
1 pinch cinnamon, optional
1 vanilla pod
250 ml cream
Liquor Nutella
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Pod vanilla cleaved and scraped interior. In about 100 ml vodka dissolved coffee, up to chocolate, put it inside the vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. Stir until chocolate is porazredi, then make up the remainder of vodka and stirred continuously until a smooth liquid. Pour into a bottle and allowed to stand for 3 days. Cream mix gently foam, make chocolate vodka by beating continuously. Spill in bottles. Durability 3 months in refrigerator. * The dose is 2 bottles of 600 ml.
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19 Aug 2010


Chocolate liqueur obviously, will be irresistible to my friends and colleagues. Cream does it matter whether it is cooking or pastry?

I've written, I do not know the difference between the two. Cream is one that crashed on snow to decorate cakes for example. Real cream.

That sounds very fragrant and chewy! For the cream: sweet confectionery and cooking is neither sweet nor salty (tasteless) or call it universalnaІ suitable for salty and sweet goals on the break as you add sugar for sweets.

After the three-day stay was the turn to drink and this liqueur. What can I say ... I have no words (I'm one cup) - is great! I'll buy you (:-) with pictures). Cheers!

I am very glad that you like liqueur! Your pictures are great!

Very. delicious drink.I did plenty to is all my family and friends. Liqueur made with brandy and added more cream to softening degrees of brandy.

Akva, enjoys me that you liked liqueur:-)

great liqueur! Great recipe, bravo!

And if vodka is replaced with a whiskey that would be a good result, do you think?

Vodka is almost neutral alcohol, which imposes no favors and chocolate-hazelnut flavor Nutellata. The whiskey has a strong own flavor and taste, I'm not sure if you can compete with other flavors. If you do not have vodka, I think it is better to obtain. Even if you do not like pure vodka, it in this recipe is just neutral basis on which to develop other flavors. In the final result is not felt. If you do decide to try - whether with vodka or whiskey - said please, what was the result :)

Thanks for the quick reply:) However I will not risk and buy vodka not to risk exposing the guests who expect:) I will write what was the result ...;)

The time has come to boast that I made liqueur and the result is impressive! My guests liked it a lot. I did it with vodka still ... I was a little thickish, but I overdid with whipping cream (for another time will know :)

Anita, thank you, that was hired to try the recipe, it is trusted to me! I am very glad that the liquor you like! If you're thick, you can dilute it with a little vodka with dissolved in it instant coffee and sugar. And maybe a little liquid cream to add. Put a little, and try after each putting, but beware of the many samples do not end liquor;) Cheers :)

will get you if I put only 200 ml cream (one package)? And how many tablespoons is 400 grams. I Nutela- kilogram :)

I can not tell you how many tablespoons is. Do not you have an opportunity to weigh? Put a little less than half and should become. For cream - do not think that is a little problem to reduce, you can increase vodka 50 ml to not affect the density.

Can I replace the vanilla pod with such powder? And if you stir up tonight everything and add the cream on Saturday morning if it would work, because there will be a mixture stayed three days.

Yes, vanilla can be replaced with vanilla sugar :) There should be no problem because of the difference :) I guess it immediately mixture will still get a very tasty, just give him time to develop flavor, several days.

Rally, thank you very much for the quick response! :)

Good luck, my dear, and tell how it happened :)

Just fancy :) very intense chocolate flavor, delicate liqueur. Perfect ladies drink, at least for me :) Rally, thanks for the recipe! I did it for my birthday and all guests impressed. No one could hide his surprise, they realized that it is homemade: D

Very, very glad that the recipe she scored taste you :) I hope you had a merry and happy birthday belatedly, sweetheart :) Cheers to your health!

Rally am grateful! :) :) :)