Roof with cream cheese

Submitted by enr on 01 Mar 2011
60 g cocoa biscuits
60 g white biscuits
1 cup milk
# For the cream:
300 g cream cheese
100 g soft butter
100 g of powdered sugar
1 banana
200 g chocolate spread
Roof with cream cheese
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Soak biscuits lightly with milk. Arrange on a piece of aluminum checkered foil. Lining up to 4 rows of 3 biscuits. Cream of the feta cheese, the butter and the sugar is mixed cream. Half Spread ordered biscuits. On cream ranks second row biscuits as on cocoa placing white and vice versa. Coat with the rest of the cream. Sprinkle with raisins and put in the middle finger. With fthe oil carefully assembled two end rows biscuits, so as to obtain a triangular roll. Allow two hours in the refrigerator thereby to solidify and then smeared with plenty of chocolate. Returns in the fridge to harden and he.
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01 Mar 2011
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Easy recipe, but I guess it would be very very tasty.

Very nice proposal. I do this cake, but with another cream. Surely try with this! Thanks for the recipe!

I like is easy and very fast. What you use cookies?

I like. Different idea. Even reminds me as biscuit roll. I am still looking for the recipe.

used biscuits Sunrise of Victory. It is really very tasty and quick. I hope you you enjoy it!

Thanks for the reply! Today or tomorrow we will try it :)

In the ranking is something like *houses under the snow.* Very good combination of products. Bravo Danny shared recipe and the picture looks great!

Now I have prepared. To me personally I love it! I put a little more powdered sugar and vanilla and milk to a little rum flavoring. Thanks for the nice recipe :)

I think I'll try it with biscuits, alternating layers in a rectangular pan. What about Danny, will you get?

biscuits pretty limp, I'm afraid biscuits not become very soft. Try it and then write how you received.

Very interesting recipe, bravo! Will certainly put in a good time.

I've had such a roll, but with buttercream and inside with fruit jam. We will now try and your version with cream cheese.

my mother in law makes such a roll, but with buttercream. But this recipe is good. yummy

Once released image mis_val after 3 minutes. I was in the kitchen doing the cake, today I have prepared 3 cake, but I am generous to their neighbors, the cake matures in the refrigerator and cut it off tomorrow and will let the picture.

cake is very light and good taste, because my banana was completed with small AMAREA orihovki ,, ,,

Oleeeee and I rule, these days a fantastic light dessert, except that there is no so much big ordinary biscuits (and cocoa and missed them) and made two smaller cake with half a banana inside, but I added one teaspoon coconut cream and to really get great ...

steffanell glad that my picture, was reminded of this wonderful dessert that I'm personally identified since the release of the magazine, but right now his turn. Besides being very light as also pepeleon, I think is an attractive appearance. Is currently on my list for dessert for Christmas.

And your idea of ​​macaroons is great.

flowers will try and your version :) this is one of our favorite sweets ..

I replaced the butter with yogurt, top it with grated sea buckthorn wafer truly became very light and spectacular cake, like many sweets and the problem is that I do not eat a piece a while and often do before I go to bed at 4 morning appearances on a piece for breakfast quietly without control sight of my husband. Cholesterol problem and therefore replace and do tricks with products insomnia is another problem.

It was superb! Thank you :)

very nice dessert. My husband baptized him banana in a tent.

Much very tasty :) Well done! Cream I got a little thick, but added a banana-passaged get is great

great dessert!

I do not understand the arrangement - 4 rows of 3 cookies, or 3 rows of 4 biscuits? That is the base of the roof is more or equilateral triangle?
Thanks for the reply in advance!

is the form of an equilateral triangle

Pokrivcheto becomes great taste, I do it in dalgichko. 3 rows of 6 cookies, as the first layer is white, biscuits, and the second cocoa. Cover it with chocolate or cream.

the last time I did it with Philadelphia Milka, to which I added a normal cream cheese to become 300 years. and it was even nicer

liquid chocolate at room temperature or is to be melted in a water bath?

Very tasty cake! I added the chocolate and cream to itself. Became very well. Thanks for the recipe!