Pumpkin stuffed with caramel cream

Submitted by enr on 20 Aug 2009
1 small pumpkin, Hokkaido
about 500 ml milk
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 stick cinnamon
3-4 cloves
# For garnish:
powdered sugar
thick fruit syrup
Pumpkin stuffed with caramel cream
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Pumpkin wash and dry perfectly. Cut a lid, cut at an angle. With a spoon take out the seeds Scrape out until it comes to fresh fruit without seed fibers. In order to put a stable ring is made of aluminum foil, wherein the gourd is placed without being able to be rolled. Pumpkin is filled almost to the brim with milk, which is then poured into flashed channels to see how it was. (500 ml milk are laid 3 eggs and 1 cup sugar). Heat the oven to 180 C. The sugar is put into a pot, add 3-4 tbsp water and boil, stirring, until caramel with the desired color. Spoon left in the pan, pour the milk. Caramel freezes immediately and grabs the spoon, so can be detached from the bottom of the pan and crushed. Remove from heat, put cinnamon and cloves, and stirred until complete melting caramel. Allow it to cool. Spices are removed. Put the eggs, one at a time, beat fast with wire. Egg milk is poured into a pumpkin, there is often a foam which is left on top. put into the oven. When the foam was confirmed (about 20 min) the cap is placed exactly as it was cut. Bake 3-4 hours until browned crust pumpkin really. Allow about 12 hours away, and then in a refrigerator overnight. Serve cut into slices, sprinkled with powdered sugar and dispensed with thick fruit syrup. * A syrup do Grape - 1 liter of grape juice put 4 tbsp sugar and boil until 300 ml remain. Do it with milk, fruit, tea and others.
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20 Aug 2009


Hey now go :) Until I come rally, this great pumpkin is ready :)! Bravo sweet, delicious and original recipe! Coming! :)

Very appetizing look Rally!

Chrissy, the type I do not know, but how do you know if you love her! All day near the refrigerator was spinning:-) came time to cut the ... delicious it!

We'll try Rally but will be soon!

Bravo, Rally! Great pumpkin, would eagerly wait to mature our to her try.

Hey, Rally is great! Goes to favorites.

Another yummy Pumpkin!

Ah, Raleigh, great yummy! BRAVO!

Girls, a brief explanation of the picture - this time I decided to experiment with cream, put only the yolks and whites whipping snow and I added them to liquid milk, hoping that the cream will become air. Yes, he has air, but after baking pumpkin was half empty: - (As I described the recipe, pumpkin is chock full of cream.

That's good, real iskushenie. Super Rally is!

I have long recorded in her lover and just wait for the new Pumpkin harvest. Many original recipe. I like the combination of products and spices. 5.

Rally, the recipe is great! Pumpkin was very juicy and tasty, and very gentle cream. I dobyavih powdered sugar or syrup, but it was enough sweet and aromatic. The only drawback is that you have to wait. A tip for those like me who have no much experience: during baking fluid leak, so it is nice to have a baking pan with water in the pumpkin (if no water tan).

Gerganche, great photos! You sweet pumpkin nice that was worth the wait! :)

This recipe tempting me long ago and yesterday made it. We have not yet tried it, but I have no doubt about taste. Egg-milk mixture I get more quantity and the rest of the boiled water bath as pudding- to eat in no time! I can only imagine the combination of cream with pumpkin! Now waiting to gather the whole family and to slice. I'm not sure that then I can make photos, so I took pictures now as a whole :) Thanks Rally!

Great dessert! This is my assessment after incision and tried pumpkin with caramel cream. I added another picture :)

Dobby, very, very glad that you like pumpkin! Enjoy your meal, dear! Thanks for the nice picture!

Very tasty dessert.

I'm glad you like it :) Thanks for the photo! Very nice!

Thank you for the great recipe! Large delicious meals! :)

snowy, looks great! Enjoy your meal!

I have prepared pumpkin recipe of para..vkusna

Thanks for the photo :) Glad you is delight!