Revani Tony

Submitted by enr on 02 Feb 2009
6 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 cup flour
baking powder 1
1 vanilla
# For the syrup:
2 cup sugar
3-4 cup water
2 vanilla
Revani Tony
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Mix all ingredients and pour it in a large pan. Bake at 180 C. As cool the revani him pour the hot syrup.
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02 Feb 2009


Mmm, delicious! Bookmark

Very tasty fewer could yaitsa super is greeted me

really becomes very tasty. This is a favorite cake of my father. Bravo! :)

Great recipe, bravo!

syrup can also do it with milk. becomes even more tasty

great all love him

if the syrup with milk will be like savarina ... completely different dessert.

I will try it tomorrow and if esashtoto making my wife goes to my favorite:-)

It was deliciously, syrup used for milk and top it made with chocolate. Jump to lick your fingers.

Very well get me! The recipe remains to favorites! :)

I was wrong roaring years. Yesterday, accidentally came across this recipe and got involved. Today, well chilled eating some, there is no half-baking pan. Like us!

I tried the recipe, very nice camp. Bravo for the nice recipe

Very nice happened! Thanks for the recipe.

I make this recipe for years. It's always incredibly nice revanentse. N-m-m ... I strongly recommend to all.

When we wanted moist cake that is our recipe :) But prepare syrup with milk. In hot summer days is a real paradise for the soul when you pull out juicy and cold from the fridge!

Very tasty and juicy roaring. Thanks for the recipe.