Chocolate squares

Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2011
# For the base:
1 cup flour
egg 1
1 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1/3 cup sunflower oil
10 g baking powder or 1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup cut walnuts
2 tsp cocoa
50 g of chocolate (couverture)
1 tbsp sunflower oil
# For cream:
80 g butter
80 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla
# For glaze:
100 g of chocolate (couverture)
2 tbsp sunflower oil
Chocolate squares
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Mix the egg with the sugar with a wire (no mixer), add the oil and milk. 50 g of chocolate are melted in a water bath with 1 tbsp sunflower oil, after being cooled was poured out in a thin stream while stirring continuously until it is mixed well with other ingredients. Add combined flour, baking powder and cocoa. Mix well and add the walnuts. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured pan, bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 20 minutes. After cooling the base is coated with the oily cream, cut into small squares which are inserted and BBQ are covered with melted chocolate. Cool before eating.
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05 Mar 2011


seems very tasty. And there is no other way to future you and your excellent cook recipes are always amazing and the look and taste. Chocolate temptation will do, mmm ...

It should feel like eating his person. Great izglezhgat, put in favorites. Bravo Maggie! No way, put and evaluation.

As always - something original!

Thank you girls :)

very good, well done :)

I made the cake and it was incredible. Well, you can not not, as is Maggie. All of it is as simple execution, accessible to all and very tasty. I'm almost untried your recipe.

This was great. My people oblizoha fingers! Be sure to do it

Thank you very much for the nice words :) And we like our home again and I vrankat do them :)

Leleeeee ... this is a unique chocolate experience!

Today I did them, great saa! :) Bravo for the idea! :)

great delicious meals bravo! : P

I am glad that you like! The latter even when they prepared, I put wheels on banana cream, try :)

After three days my daughter's birthday and I think I found the cake that will surprise her. Looks beautiful and tempting, and feedback confirms this.

cake was very nice. I put the oil in coconut cream and get very well and tomorrow will surprise the child. Incidentally, smashed it with a mixer, because I have no phone and that was fluffy.

Reni, hopefully child was left satisfied with the cake! Your idea for coconut is very good :)

magi71, really child was very pleased, and not only it. Thank you for the great recipe! :)

Is there any zachenie whether to be confused with a mixer or agitator? :)

First I apologize for the very delayed response :( No matter how confused, but with mixer is easier and it quickly :)

By mistake one photo for another recipe Heavy. I did it as a cake for quickly. I had now put walnuts and raisins. Again because of the time did 2 1 melted butter with chocolate and powdered sugar added and became oil-glaze delicious became surely do it again

are Splendid! I do not know how I have not seen before? Maggie, many thanks for the recipe! Increased the amount of oil cream (I wanted to feel more) and also vanilla him and put a few drops of almond essence. Glzurata melted chocolate with butter (around 80 grams. ).

I made them in the rectangular pan and marshes it became thin. I cut it into squares and slepih them with chocolate. I poured on top with melted chocolate and became great.

Elenka, they have become like pastries :)Reni, thank you!

Some dimensions of the pan?

baking pan where Peko marshes size is 30h20sm :)

Today I made this dessert. Many are delicious :) I used instead of natural cocoa a dose of about 14 grams. *Nesquik* - smells delicious chocolate icing :) But I really stegna- cutting and meal breaks. Had waited chocolate to harden slightly before marshes cover him not to run. I do not know why this happened. Any assumptions should not repeat this mistake again? Nestlé chocolate was + some oil as a recipe. Cutting can also use the hot knife, but the problem will remain when eating. If not from oil cream? Expect advice from more experienced :) Otherwise, it is very sweet and delicious dessert, thank you :)

Ilianka, add a little milk or liquid cream to chocolate confectionery and oil - about 1-2. L. If flood freshly melted chocolate, it may leak and not hold onto sladkishchetata. So wait for a while to cool and then water them.

Yes, I know I can put milk or cream, but strictly followed the recipe. Next time I will know balgodarya :)

I understand, and thank you for your attention, but sometimes receive such events ... maybe depends on the ingredients of chocolate.

Mmmm I did it again and again was very tasty. This time it was in a round shape and mix raw yadki- Brazilian walnut, cashew and almonds. First mutterings of my mother that I did not bought only nuts, but I tried the finished dessert and I think get even more delicious than just nuts. With milk glaze get me perfect. Everybody liked nothing tortichkata- that were triangles, not squares :) :) :)