Home layered cake with biscotti

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2012
250 g biscuits
300 g tea biscuits with cocoa
200 g chocolate spread
1 cup ground walnuts (for decoration)
2 tbsp cocoa
1-2 vanilla
3 sachets - hot napita 3in1 or other soluble napita hot coffee or cocoa
# For the cream:
400 g sour cream
200 g cream
2-3 tbsp caster sugar
Home layered cake with biscotti
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In a baking dish with a diameter of 26 cm are arranged half of the biscuits, as immersed in the diluted packets 3in1 (should be hot). After a brush with 1/3 of the cream, which is made from sour cream, cream and powdered sugar, sprinkle half of the crushed biscuits (mixed with two tbsp cocoa) and they shall pour melted chocolate spread (3 tbsp) . Follow again biscuits, cream biscuits, chocolate spread and ends with cream. Decorate with ground walnuts or of your choice.
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19 Feb 2012


I've made this cake in addition between the latter must drop or raspberries ... I have no words for the taste! Assessment *very good* is hardened low for the recipe! My 6

From a lot of praise, I forgot to put the score!

Pepi, thanks for rating!

What are cookies Homeland? What is a 3 in 1?

Aliana, seepage *Homeland* have tea biscuits.There are several types: cocoa, milk and oil.To use these cake with cocoa. And 3in1 is tola drink / coffee, cream and sugar /

I felt at some time that certain of Nescafe question, but I had already released a comment. Thank you for the reply :)

And I make it. This cake is a favorite in our family! Prepare very quickly and is very tasty!

It seems to me very conceptual cake. Today I want to try it for dear guest, lover of cream cakes. A little worried because it does not specify exactly how to prepare the cream, and for the first time will melt chocolate. Cross my fingers to handle properly and not expose myself :)

Mina, put the jar with liquid chocolate in a bowl of hot water and voila! ;) After about 5-10 minutes is quite liquid liquid chocolate. Clench your fingers and share the result! :)

Thank nela111 recipe. But if tomorrow we are dead from overeating, guilt will be hers, although collected ovation tonight :) This will be my favorite bishkotena cake for a long time to come. I got a picture - awaiting approval.

Mina, I'm glad that you liked the cake, and photograph it shows that you are doing well! Bravo!

Can I just say how you prepared the cream, I've never had one, so I'm grateful to all the subtleties, temperature of products, etc. Thank you.

dobinko, the temperature of the products does not matter. Beat with mixer liquid / confectionery / cream, add sour cream, powdered sugar and again shake to thicken.

started as a joke, but get very very tasty! With snimkita shte late. Sledvashtata shte make it more diligence zashtoto cake deserves it! Summer is great! Mina, very Thank!

which was performed just, but now I wonder should I stand in the refrigerator and how long or may be directly attacked?

consuela, cake is delicious if you stand in the fridge, but can be consumed immediately! :)

NEDC, this delicious meals in sending her favorites. September will drop fast food!

I'm glad you liked it :)!

Thanks for the recipe! Wonderful camp, while not think to photograph it was gone. Only I felt quite crumbly and more Qusay :) How can I do a little tighter next time? Thank you!

consuela, may not be enough and stale biscuits have remained dry! :)

Yes, I guess so it is. Today, it will do and I will try to leave it a little longer in the fridge :)

have prepared the cake for the birthday of my son. At his request, this time with the addition of raspberries! I know I will repeat, but I can not refrain: great recipes for cakes!

Pepi, I'm sure it will be delicious with berries:) !!. The next time you prepare and I will add! If only I can find in stores, because I keep forgetting to go in the freezer !!

The cake looks amazing! Put it into Favorites, will surely try!

Today I tried this cake is amazing and very easy to prepare. All loved it.

fast, lightweight with great taste.

Now I'm doing it a few times. Getting really tasty and most importantly, easy to prepare is ... Optional home add bananas.

Last week I made the cake, it was superb :)

Yesterday I made cake for her mother mini- birthday girl. Personally for me pozdrvi nice dessert. The other also we like. Use the baking dish 24 cm. (My other is 28 and I thought it was very large). Accordingly, I came and 2 again. 3in1, about 250 grams. Tea biscuits (I put white decorated Cream + cocoa powder), less chocolate (have less), and the 2 vanillin krema- went to him I have not decreased as weight. Missed walnuts for decoration, I used pieces shokoladdetska Milka chocolates and crisps. Became superb, we ate it with pleasure, and attach photos. Thanks for the quick, easy and delicious recipe for cake. :)

Nelly, I made this cake (again). Gogo's birthday on Sunday and when I asked him to choose, and not think: Bishkotenata cake! So that it has settled with your favorite cake! Got his sincere congratulations for the recipe! :)

Pepi, you is alive and well and very happy to you! :) Greetings from me to birthday! Happy holiday :)!

Pepi, great picture! :)

Great cake! I did last week in January for my birthday and all scary liked it, as some people did not believe even that is home :)

Flvanova, I'm glad you liked the cake !! :)

A liquid cream breaks you before mixing sour?

keith, liquid cream crashed before mixing sour :)

what can I replace sour cream, I'm not here to rip and no such

I do not say where you are and a little hard to guess what you can replace it :) With yoghurt perhaps? With creme double or creme fraiche? With cheese 40 €% fat?

plamenaboeva, can replace the cream of liquid and sour cream with Mascarpone / 0, 500 g / powdered sugar and 2-3. L. :)

thanks for the ideas will be tried;]

This time I put the berries !! :) Pepi, your idea is great! Tastes combine very well :)

Nell cake looks great! Home favorite :)

Thank you, Reni! :)

Nelly, I came to visit without invitation, just as you saw the pictures ... :) :) :). Yesterday we talked about this cake in the company and at home is one of our favorite!

Pepi, and today it is not e Later:) Gabi's birthday yesterday and I worked on it for home ... I want to say that a few pieces left :) :) :)

Thank you, Nelly, how to refuse me :) Do you alive and healthy birthday, best wishes from me! :)

Thanks, Pepi! :) :)

Nelly many times do with it (love her)! :) Easy, fast and incredibly delicious cake!