Tabule Maghreb

Submitted by enr on 06 Jan 2009
1 cup couscous or bulgur
2 tomatoes
1 cucumber
2 tbsp parsley
1-2 cloves garlic
the juice of one lemon
pepper optional
olive oil
Tabule Maghreb
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Kus-Kusa pour 1 cup boiling salted water (if bulgur enjoy 2 cups water) Cover and leave five minutes to take. If you enjoyed bulgur, pour in boiling salted water 1 to 2 Boil for 5 minutes, put it aside until absorb. Spread in large bowl to cool. Tomatoes and cucumbers cut into cubes, garlic is passaged and added to them. Pour a parsley and olives, lemon juice and olive oil. Once cool cous-Kusa is added to them. Mix well. Decorate optional. In Syria and Egypt in Tabule put so many finely minced meat parsley that salad green. In the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) is less parsley.
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06 Jan 2009


Easy and interesting recipe, we will try!

I loved! Add to favorites!

and I will try, I enjoyed

very nice salad to your meal

tabbouleh Arabs do with many magdanos1 or 2 vraski magdanos

Like the recipe Tabule :) this is described that is a different option, and name it suggests.

The most significant difference, however, is the main product. While Arabs from the Orient use bulgur in the Maghreb used couscous, REAL, not balls of pasta. The difference in texture and taste is essential as between flour and semolina, for example. Bulgur in products is a compromise and make the salad almost identical to the Oriental version.

I added a little fresh mint gives a very fresh taste of the salad.

Is not going to happen with Grechko?

For tasting - you can try. But the difference between couscous and buckwheat as between meal and lentils ... More wheat you can experimenting if you can not access couscous or bulgur. Buckwheat is just very different. But if you decide pak- - report:-)

I bought a buckwheat in a long time and still can not find a recipe in which to prepare it.About asking ...

I am fascinated by the taste! First try this type of salad and I loved it. Serve with cheese balls (hot and natural).

I'm glad, Elti, that you liked! We often produce it, and since I read the comments with mint, and I put. Suitable for any season :)

Yesterday it prepared and I became very tasty!

Christiana, thanks for the good evaluation and trust to the recipe :)

We really like it! Goes to favorites and will often do! First try like salad and I was very pleasantly surprised!

Sahara, very happy :) Thank you for the trust to the recipe :)

Very tasty salad! Incredible freshness! I'm so impressed that you would think that I pay to plump the recipe! Volume I get about a liter and a half. I managed to hurt for 1-5 half devastated the rest, although he was skeptical. I look forward to try fresh vegetables rural, but also greenhouse will do! Thank you, Rally, again!

I am very glad Ive that salad you like it :) Anyway, below I have written, I have made it very often - Moroccan (true) couscous, and bulgur. Here again a week ago was our table :) What made it with couscous (true)? And if so - where do you buy?

Rally, I did it with couscous. I believe that is true, because it is a paste, a little big of meal. Packaging wrote home country France is a byproduct, bought it from Carrefour. I do not know why I decided that with couscous is authentic recipe, right? Again, thank you, Rally *!

Yes, you're right :) In the Maghreb (*Maghreb* in Arabic means *sunset* and have in mind the countries Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco), couscous is a staple food as us bread or rice in Asians. This salad is exactly their couscous. A French colonizers were not exactly those countries have adopted many of the culinary riches, on the other hand France has the most immigrants magrebintsi and just meet industry demand :)

Finally I bought Arab couscous and today I made pork paprikash served over couscous and left me a lot of couscous, and is porazrovih recipe to utilize and came across your recipe Rally. Became a great salad very fresh and tasty, and on top even nasishtasha and tonight will be loaded with other foods. Remains firmly in Favorites and summer with products from their own garden will be done regularly.

Mariyanka, thanks for the nice words :) In our country is also a tribute to this salad. I am pleased that you appeal to you!

Finally, and I tried this salad, just wonderful. Long sat in his favorite and waited, but the wait was worth it. Stir just until it Savoury off her pripolovih and so I drifted off, I've forgotten to add garlic. The next time will be corrected. Many thanks for the recipe itself and the information it :)

EMKA little late thanks for the nice comment! Glad Selatan is your taste :) I recently I worked on it and put the peeled roasted peppers. Became just great! This idea only as :)

very nice salad