Soda bread with cheese

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2010
3 cups flour
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 cup crumbled feta cheese
Soda bread with cheese
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In deep bowl pour the flour, yoghurt with soda added to it and the feta cheese. Add salt and kneads dough. Made into 6 buns, which are arranged in a greased tray. On each pita incision is made, and placed piece of butter. Bake in a preheated to 250 ° C oven for about 20 minutes.
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15 Jan 2010


I made them with whole wheat flour and margarine. Became perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

Wonderful, easy, delicious and quick recipe.19 holiday and we will make them.

long do these breads, much like any home. I with oil and put a piece of cheese on top and scatter with savory. Many aromatic become.

siagrus your idea is good and it will give them a try.

They look very delicious.

tonight something will lay with mixing, and no explanation of what is due

I will surely make them. Thanks for the recipe, Mary.

Quick, easy and delicious recipe. Yesterday I made them, and I put cheese on top. Thank you Mary.

I am glad that you like.

If I do not get much better with cheese and butter on top - for 20 minutes. Baking both poizgoryaha. Maybe if you were put in the dough would get better.

I'm sorry, that was not received. Personally, I am not put cheese.

Congratulations, your photos are great!

I also wanted to put pictures, but ate very quickly. Will often present in our menu.

Ive, and I have the same problem at home on the pictures. Everything quickly ends and until I can shoot something, it is already gone. :) But this means that what is done is like.

I always make them with butter and cheese, and every time become successful. I think 250 degrees can not help but burn. I roast them at 180. And home very quickly over, but this time I managed to take a picture :)

Thank you for the delicious recipe. Today I made them as muffins. Above them sprinkled with sesame seeds. Are wonderful. Barely survived for the photos.

Stasi, congratulations.

Bravo Stasi, they are great. On Sunday, I will make them so. :)

Very delicious. Each ball in January izmesih fat, my mom makes them.

Yesterday I tried the recipe became great.

Today I made them for breakfast.Ottawa did not have them at home.Are known also as *fresh bread*

are really great, I know them even as quick breads. But more importantly, become great.

Today I made with wholemeal breads and savory became super

Today again they prepared for breakfast. This time they were sprinkled with paprika. Very fast and delicious!

Hello to all of you, not only funny, but also proved industrious and creative chefs. Great recipe. I do them for years. Our guests give up all other goodies, preferring them. Even I have done during the visit further. Become even better if you put in the baking pan dip in melted butter, approximately 50-60 g. Then insert a piece of butter into each well of the cakes, and wish and grated cheese. Temperature baking okolo180-200 degrees.

Wonderful recipe! In the slot to put a little butter colored salt, and a little before removing them from the oven shredded cheese! Tasty food!

were received! Thanks for the recipe. Many are quick.

Very easy and successful recipe. Has undergone many variations according to the taste of each. I added a little savory and garlic powder in the dough, were great!

Today, I I did exactly tortillas, but put in the dough 50ml. oil. Optionally, you can put them in salamche becomes even more delicious :)

nice recipe became well :) I sprinkled a little cheese 2 minutes before removing them from the oven

Quick, easy and delicious recipe. Quickly made, but quickly disappear cakes. Pleasant appetite.

Raztochih dough and sprinkled with cheese, rolled up and cut it into different shapes. I left a little to rise and coat them with egg yolk. Were fast and delicious snacks.

This time I shaped tortillas, as I left them little rest, greased with oil and sprinkled with oatmeal. I put them in a cold oven (so had the opportunity to rise further) and Paiute of 180C.

For the first time I received a delicious soda bread. Thanks for the recipe.

Great recipe, make it for years, and have it recorded as *Radka cake* from a friend of my mother. The only difference is that put a whole jar of yogurt. An A from me! :)