Yellow cheese and feta cheese in the oven

Submitted by enr on 21 Sep 2012
200 g cheese
200 g feta cheese
4 eggs
2 cup milk
6 tbsp flour
sunflower oil 75 g or butter
breadcrumbs for sprinkling
Yellow cheese and feta cheese in the oven
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Grate the cheese and is the feta cheese grater in large pieces. Separately mix other products. Mixed with cheese and the feta cheese and confuse well. Pour into greased, floured and pan sprinkled with breadcrumbs preferably rectangular. Sprinkle top with bread crumbs. Bake in preheated oven at 180C. Not cut into pieces immediately wait a bit to form portions. * Serve with a fresh salad or with any available optional. * It is very fast and tasty especially if you do not have much time. * For 6 servings.
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21 Sep 2012


If it is round with a diameter of about 28 cm, and if rectangular about 20/30 cm.

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6 full tablespoons of flour.

Very tasty happened! Well, I made the picture before serving, because over in no time :) Congratulations to the successful recipe!

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Great work! Serve and heard only: *mmm ... mmm ... delicious.* And I myself, I submitted a few supplements: the bottom of the baking pan sheet finely accurate crust (pastry) and coffee spoon of baking powder to flour! :) Great!

mery_ana, thanks! :) Very tasty, easy and quick to prepare! ;)

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Very fast, easy and delicious.

Wonderful, easy and delicious dish. Tomorrow will prepare it again!

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