Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
1-2 cups (300 g) flour
2 cup (400 ml) of water
60 g butter
pinch of salt
10 g yeast
1 egg yolk
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Yeast is diluted with a little warm water and add it to the flour, salt and the rest of the water. Prepare dough slightly thick from the pancake, which was allowed to rise until its volume is increased 2-3 times. It on hot baked pancakes. For each pancake sachat smeared with grease and beaten yolk and top with a ladle pour the dough. As constipation one side (this is known by the appearance of holes on the surface), pancakes turn to constipation and on the other side. After baking pancakes are coated with butter and served warm with yogurt, yogurt or honey.
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01 Dec 2002


I do not know whether this is the original recipe, but my grandmother makes them so I can remember. Only instead of oil used oil. I personally prefer them without any of them.

What is the difference in thickness between pancake and pancakes - which is thicker - please professional response.

pancakes are thicker than the pancakes and the other difference is that yeast do.

These are the best pancakes - plump and objectives of holes. Love them!

These are pancakes, which I know from my grandmother, they are great, and can kofityur to eat

I prepare them the same way, are wonderful! No matter how fat are coated, can and margarine. The recipe I got from my grandmother. She even trying on the water with a beer bottle :) come with any stuffing jam, honey, cheese, even chocolate. Excellent recipe, thanks!

Classic !!! Hey these are pancakes - no eggs, soda and so on. Can bake and Teflon pan. Without fat.

Now wait for the dough to rise. Bake them, will write about the result. I hope to get.

CLASSICS! I would like a clarification please, whether it is dry yeast !? Recently dough with dry yeast Oetker and did not work: ((((just do not rise, no idea where was the reason!?!?!?

I put dry, so always use and never happened to me not leavened dough. Received very tasty pancakes.

Bravo, Tanya! ~ Super become stuffed. I always make dough with fresh yeast. Recently decided to try to dry, but something happened. Were some particles, but the dough was more especially - with meal inside. Can this influence or that it opened the packet in advance fluid.

Dry yeast does not dissolve in the liquid, and is placed in the flour. When using dry yeast, nice liquid products to be heated just before to mix with flour :)

Thank you, Sunny. Will try next time to knead the dough so!

My grandmother made them water instead of fresh milk and ov4e them pe4eshe of CA4 fire with lard!

Many Bulgarian delicious pancakes! Were magnificent! Congratulations on shared recipe! :)

Truly magnificent. I made them with cheese. Will upload and photos. Thanks for the recipe.

I could not resist filming and just prepared it, now you are hapvam- supreme. Easy, economical and extremely fast. Peko them to the pan. Go to Favorites :)

became very delicious :) thanks for the recipe. I made them with a filling of ham, melted cheese. The remaining stuffing made from grated chocolate and banana, became cruel :)