Muffins with chocolate - III type

Submitted by enr on 06 Jul 2010
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
150 g butter
60 g brown sugar
120 g plain sugar
250 g sifted flour
100-150 g chocolate
2 tsp baking powder
2 vanilla
1 tsp salt
Muffins with chocolate - III type
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Beat the eggs with the two types of sugar. Add the butter (melted slightly), milk and everything else, finally put chopped chocolate is not necessary to use a mixer, stir with a spoon little. The mixture becomes quite thick, place in greased and floured muffin trays and bake in preheated 200C oven for 15-20 minutes. Top can decorate cupcakes with whatever you want - I put them coke dust.
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06 Jul 2010


recipe I liked, thanks for the proposal goes to favorites. As her try to give an assessment.

How many cakes go? In forms custard you bake?

Bake in muffin shapes but also in bowls custard becomes.

six number I came up with this dose

became very delicious. To me came out 12 pieces.

They became great.

Divine! Oil is oil. Chocolate is chocolate. Forgive me muffins with oil. Bravo to the author.

And can you do it on the cake

petqanabel, there is no reason you can not make a cake, and muffins they have mini cupcakes :)

Now dislodge them from the oven and still warm them nalazihme even Beba liked them :) congratulations for the recipe!

made them these days and I did not like because of the salt, the other way as they do will be without salt and will become great: P

I want to ask about cut-chocolate inside you put in the mix and you become so fused, as in the picture?

As is written in the recipe, the chocolate is put in the mixture. While warm muffins, chocolate will be melted, as cool tightens.

Thank you very much :)

These muffins are my favorite. Once you were done, put separately in a bar of chocolate in each cutter and still get good :)

tanka1978, I bought a muffin shapes and all recipes I chose this! I have not done muffins before, but when I do yours, I'll share!

becomes very delicious and fluffy! :)

Incredible delicacies

Wonderful I received

were received great muffins - fluffy and delicious! I added to the mixture and cocoa to become even more chocolate :) For salt but I think 1 tsp is too much. I did not dare to put so (put 1 k. L. - Incomplete and again felt a little salt, but is not unpleasant).

my shapes are baking paper. should they be namaznyavam or do not have

Paper cups are not to bake the muffins directly to them, and put in the metal / porcelain. In this case not namaznyava form or cup.

Mafinkite been my great! More hot, hot disappeared from the plateau. And the words of the children were are great! . Thanks for the delicious recipe! :)

great, alone and very tasty, I could not take pictures because we attacked them will do again tomorrow and get a photo. Thanks for the nice recipe: *

Amazing muffins! Put 1 k. l. salt instead of 1 h. l.; as well as a bar of dark chocolate in any form. Peko in small forms for muffins, go about 50-something small mafincheta. Upload photos. Delicious and beautiful - will do them often! Thanks for the recipe!

I had become incredibly muffins brown sugar so I put only white chocolate chips and also broken into the dough added a nectarine slices to decorate with nuts, to get a good flavor combination.

Great muffins were, I top for decoration crashed in cooking cream and mixed with chocolate. Became a wonder!

I apologize for not cooking cream and confectionery had in mind.

best recipe for mafeni on which I have come so far.

are wonderful! Some did not chocolate, cut off their top, carved them with cutter and filled them with wild blackberries.