Banitsa of ready peel snails

Submitted by enr on 13 Sep 2010
400 g filo pastry sheets
4-5 eggs
200 g cottage cheese
250 g feta cheese
200 g mayonnaise
400 g yogurt
soda - the top 1 tsp
Banitsa of ready peel snails
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Namaslyava is a round tray. Sheet is then the snails as follows. Dissolve package phyllo. Each sheet is folded along pleat like (harmonica), the height of the folded part should be less than the height of the tray. The resulting tape is wound snail, not tighten much to filling can then enter it. Arranged next to each other, while filling the entire tray. In a deep bowl whisk eggs, add mayonnaise and the same amount of water (used to measure an empty mayonnaise), yogurt, which is packed soda, crumbled feta cheese and the cottage cheese. Mix well and pour ohlyuvchetata with stuffing. Can help with a spoon handle or the tip of a knife to allow the filling to distribute better within ohlyuvchetata. On the banitsa distributed pieces butter. Bake in preheated oven. In serving cut into triangular pieces, cake.
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13 Sep 2010


sounds great!Already in favorites and I think it a try tomorrow if you have time :)

heels, eagerly waiting for your feedback! Sometimes I do like pie roll peel of snails, but filling. So it was interesting what comes out in the proposed manner. It was soft, juicy pie. I tried to complement the recipe with more detail. Because now we are home less people do not use a whole package peel. In whole package will receive about 14-17 snail.

I do something like (the difference is only in the folding of the peel) and I am very. satisfied with the result, as vision and taste.Pie remains inflated and soft even mild taste (not greasy), can be eaten hot and cold.Many successful recipe.

akva7, shared how the folding baking pan. Will be interesting other options.

crust is gripped by the 4 corners and creases inside, like a ball (rose), but let's loose and piecing crouch in pan, then put the covering medium and finally the oil. The water may be replaced with soda water or Schweppes. So stand 5 min. To absorb evenly, then bake in a cold oven 180-200gradusa redness.

and I do like, but scrunch just peel - like crumple newspaper to throw it - they are sufficiently loose and uttering so the balls into mamaslena baking pan and put the topping on top. Really becomes fluffy but the places where the filling can not penetrate stay dry. Me personally I like to do this.

is great! Thanks for the recipe!

I tuck leaves harmonica and as podalzhina put them in a rectangular pan, then inundate them with stuffing, so it is distributed everywhere and the pie becomes very soft.

Inche recipe is perfect! Well I get Nadu and taste as kavarma (juicy). All loved it :)

again made it, but this time I put inside the sheet leek.Become soft and fragrant.I might do with thin sheet ,, Bella *and with thick ,, Edirne* that will happen?Tell you what peels work?MANI-what is the diameter of the pan you?

baking pan is 26 cm if I am not mistaken, and sheet are Bella. We'll try and leek in us love it :)

In the original recipe peels are *Bella*. But it's all sheet which can be wound - ready or homemade. If you use the whole package peel baking pan is 24-26 sm. Petinka - great you received! akva7 - your idea of ​​leeks is very good and will take her and I!

Extra's pie, but with Cheese.I was doing a peel *Devon* and I am very pleased.Before it is put to bake, filled it with 300ml eg. Milk and 2 eggs.Upload a photo here!

Eli, naturally became the only cheese and cottage cheese only. I have not tried this combination - pie with cheese to overflow with fresh milk and eggs, but why not. You can try any proposal.

Yes tillia, try to be submerge eggs etc. Milk and myself will make sure in the result. Plunk pastry becomes a great golden crust while soft and juicy!

I want to make this pie, but ... you peel irrigate well that I do not love pie Theia fine sheet when it is saturated and remain dry. But I will try, I liked the recipe and see the photos ... is super. I hope I do not stay dry. :)

Maggie, do not worry - you will be watered. After submerge the peels with the mixture left for a while to rest and then put to bake. So I do if my sheet is dry, no matter how the range pie.

OK Inca. I planned to do tomorrow. If you are doing well will boast. :)

I greased baking pans with oil and sprinkled with cheese then it rolled. I dropped and photos :)