Baked chicken

Submitted by enr on 13 Sep 2010
200 g chicken fillet
5 potatoes
1 carrot
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
salt, parsley
2 eggs
200 g yogurt
1-2 tbsp cornmeal
Baked chicken
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Chicken fillet cooked 5 minutes in water to cool cut (minced meat) for soup. To it add chopped carrots and potatoes into cubes, the oil, salt, parsley. Well confused discharged into baking pan and pour in the broth of chicken, as the broth is about 0.5 cm above the products in the tray. Bake in preheated oven. Of products covering media stir smooth mash. When the water above the level of the products is evaporated pour topping. Optional and may on the topping to sprinkle grated cheese. Bake until topping grilling.
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13 Sep 2010


The picture is pregotveno without cheese, but when I add.

It was very tasty, but I added a few mushrooms and garlic. Has great taste.

I made baked and was very tasty! Thanks for the wonderful and easy recipe!

I love when the recipe I like, thank you! I am glad that it is useful for someone.

is still in the oven, but I'm sure that will be great;) Well done!

extremely tasty. I strongly recommend it.

And we liked the recipe. Such quick and delicious recipes who does not love.

I do such moussaka with chicken and put Maggie moussaka and becomes very tasty

I tried it and will definitely repeat very tasty get! :)

It was delicious. Allegedly kept my recipe, but very watery get me.

And to me became watery, but vaproki this very tasty!

It was very tasty and cheese finally put

Very tasty and a favorite of my daughter :)

My husband likes all that is baked ?! :) Quick, easy, delicious! Even did not bother to brew chicken for 5 minutes. Everything I put in the baking pan is received moussaka with chicken.

I am glad that most of you liked the recipe. Thank you!

Very nice recipe, was super!

I began to prepare the recipe, but added and swapped many of the products and get a completely different recipe. I'm sure this is very nice, so I will prepare it just another time.

Wonderful. Goes to favorites. Really fast, easy, tasty.

I like baked and I decided to try. I do not regret delicious happened! :)

baked dishes are very delicious potatoes instead put mushrooms and pickles and sprinkle with plenty of cheese

Yeah, when and pickles taste becomes interesting;) But I do not like mushrooms. So I like the recipe! :)

have prepared baked and was very tasty, the meat chopped January food processor for fast recipe is really good.

This recipe is favorite for several years. Oh, that rhyme out. Has always been incredibly delicious. Tomorrow I plan to do it again and this time you take a picture.

Very tasty dish! Prepare easy and really worth a try! Thanks for the recipe! :)

We are very happy that this recipe you may like. Thank you and I!

A great recipe! Bravo