Economical base for layered cake

Submitted by enr on 26 Feb 2012
1 egg
8 tbsp sugar
12 tbsp milk (maybe water)
12 tbsp flour (shaking slightly)
1 vanilla
10 g baking powder
Economical base for layered cake
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Mix the egg with the sugar to graying. Add the milk, vanilla and finally the flour mixed with baking powder Mix and pour into greased pan with sunflower oil and sprinkled with flour. There are also bases optional 2 or 3. Cream of your choice.
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26 Feb 2012


Very quick and simple recipe! Put in favorites.

I liked a lot, but only to ask this dose for one cake you?

Yes for a crust.

I did it for éclair cake *Dream*. The recipe is really good! Bravo!

Excellent recipe :) I made 2 cocoa marshes and 1 white-get is wonderful cakes grateful :)

divided the mixture in half and baked two marshes. It was a wonderful little cakes :)

Once again, take this recipe and always successful. I do and cocoa cake, but instead of 12 put 10 tablespoons flour and 2 tablespoons of natural cocoa-going muuutska :) Once again warmly thank the author for shared recipe: *

Hello:) This cake in what size baking pan bake? And the dose is 1 base, right?

Yes dose for a crust. Baking pan size is 24 cm. Diameter.

Thank you :)

Since I found this recipe, do almost all your cakes with these cake :) Thanks Mimeto!

I want to popitam- 10 grams, baking powder not know much about quantity of products?

I do not think :) Marshes is a much better :)

Thanks for the answer!

I apologize, but I want to ask how many degrees bake marshes and should we Bade preheated oven? Thanks in advance!

Yes oven should be heated. I bake it at 180 ° C.

Thank you heart! And I thought, but ... I guess about 30 minutes bake? Quickly replied just put the sugar and egg :). Thanks again for rapid assistance!

latter must become super ... worth ... fast, economical and easy. Thanks for the great idea!

This cake is our New Year :)

renito, simple and beautiful cake! Bravo!

Thank you, mimsi :)

Today I did the cake with this cake. Became well, and we will try and cake.

This cake can it moist? Sorry if intrude but I want to surprise my wife!

One more question - in pan 24 cm. In diameter how thick it swamps?

Hello, venrup :) Yes, it can be syrupy. I bake it in a baking dish with a diameter of 25 cm and a thickness of about 3 cm. The last time it cut in two, but the cake was my very thin (products in the recipe are a crust). Success with the surprise!

Thanks for the fast reply :). I begin to do.

A week ago I tried the recipe is top. Only that I did experiment - because I wanted to put brown cake with cocoa 3. L. And grated orange peel. And I decided to make two doses in one and the resulting cake cut into three. Get up! :) Once again congratulations from me for the perfect recipe. I recommended it to quite familiar :)

have only soda. if someone can advise me how complex and it would work?

If instead of milk put buttermilk or yogurt, you can put 1 hour. L. Soda, slightly full. With milk will sour element with which to react soda and boil. Good luck :)

I do not have as baking powder, put 1/2. L soda and 1/2. L citric acid

thank you :) receive is

put to roast marsh think to do and one with cocoa if it can some tell me how many degrees bake :)

aa wrote in comments sorry ... will get a photo with the finished cake :)

Is there a difference in the latter must made with milk and water?

I often do these cake-cook very quickly and are economical :) mimsi, always put milk, so do not know whether there is a difference.

Most-posle did marshes. Very tasty cake occur with a crust
and two cream. Congratulations for the recipe!

Now we have to say and what goes creams cake. Just not nesheste thanks :)

cake are universal and combine great with any cream that you like. Browse sections: cream cakes and cakes :)

ANAH_SU_NAMUN, improvised with lilies. Will upload photos. For bright creamover marshes smashed 200 ml. Pastry cream with 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, I added
1 cup soaked in liqueur white chocolate raisins. I put in the refrigerator
to set. Then ordered niktarini and I poured jelly bag (bought by
Kaufland and prepared at the direction of the package) and again in the refrigerator. It was light and delicious cake. Almost forget-marshes to drink coffee with 1paketche 3in1 and 2 tablespoon. tablespoons chocolate liqueur. Rights Willy
the latter must be combined with any cream.

I apologize for misspelling, nectarines, but not niktarini. And I missed that in light cream except raisins added a half pack in ground blender tea biscuits with lemon flavor. I wrote a lot, I hope it is clear and I am useful.

Thanks, thanks for the quick answers and ideas. Will be unleashed and will report. :)

Ehee if my husband and me preparing such surprises:) ... The latter must not prepared, but I added them and crushed walnuts. Became very successful, although it Peko in 28 cm baking pan. Thanks for the recipe!

Great and very easy cake. Always gets very fluffy and delicious. :) Upload and photo :)

Many successful recipe, yielding great marshes. I tried one to add cocoa, and other slowed flour and added crushed walnuts ... and both versions were great! I tried the standard version for roll-fluffy and delicious!

Congratulations to the wonderful recipe! Obtained from dis!

It is really, really good recipe. After reading the comments dared to make changes in my retseptata- had a hard crust and added with 2. L. Flour and 2. L. Coarsely chopped walnuts. Instead vanilla put grated lemon peel. Became super crust. This recipe will definitely write it down.

do marshes again. always gets better. I do three marshes -slagam in one vanilla, lemon peel to the other. A great cake with this cake.

Very good recipe, just use it and always get good cake :)

Besides cost is very easy to make. And very fluffy.