Fragrant lemon sponge cake

Submitted by enr on 21 Jun 2013
5 eggs
2 cup sugar
2/3 cup sunflower oil
1 cup Lemonade
1 lemon (juice and zest)
3 and 1/2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
Fragrant lemon sponge cake
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Beat eggs with sugar until the mixture turns white. Add the oil, stirring was continued, and then lemonade, lemon juice, flour with the baking powder and grated lemon rind. Nice mix until smooth mixture and put in baking tin of your choice - my size is 30h11 cm and 8 cm high, 2 l capacity (cake becomes bigger and everyone to consider how to bake - muffins, tray or form ). Bake at 180C until dry stick and sprinkle with powdered sugar. * 1 cup = 250 ml
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21 Jun 2013


Villas, smell the aroma of lemon :) Very appetizing photos! I will surely do it!

Thank Reni, the cake is really very aromatic will be happy if you do :)

Villas, get one huge, fluffy, fragrant and very, very tasty cake! Thanks for the recipe :)

Reni, infinitely very glad that you were pleased with the cake and I thank you for your trust and beautiful picture!

Villas, a wonderful cake! Today tried it thanks to Renny will be made over the weekend, no way! :) I will prepare, but half the dose that morentseto coming and did not have to resort to diets :)

Pepi, I am pleased that you liked the cake, to me requires urgent diet, but can not get it began ... :)

Girls, you have no shame? ;) I try not to pay you much, much attention and you increasingly tempt me. Pepi wrote to sea! Well, we will not go to sea, but run to the 100. And the mountains are not easy! :) What can I say? In these comments, in the near future will be made! ;)

Ex Bobby, many rights, but more importantly to Eat quality, homemade food without preservatives :)

Villas, fully agree with you! :)

Villas, great cake! Yesterday prepared half dose (not to overdo the amount), I hope you get home today, have left at least one piece that late last cut it. Juicy, aromatic ... super simple! :)

Pepi, thank you for your kind words, I'm glad that you like it and I would do it day but ... :)

Pepi, thanks for the photo, I would ask for it today, but refrained and now looked me very happy :) from half dose and mafincheta you do :)?

Only two mafincheta, Villas. I had not planned it, but I filled up carefully cake form and broadened the range ... :)

eeee, this is a dreadful idea, *2 in 1* cake + mafincheta :)! Pepi Bravo!

great cake - a very fresh taste! Only that I get quite a large dose - I do not know how to gather it in elongated forms, I rule in great shape cakes and I came quite measure. Next time will have muffins :) Thanks for the recipe!

Didi, I am very glad that you liked the cake, it really big. MY rectangular shape has a capacity of 2 liters and collected calm, but can be put in the baking pan, if less shape and does not fit :)

cake is really very fragrant, fluffy, great. But that the size of the pan and me me down. First poured it in cakes form, but it is crowded and have it replaced at a large. It's good that you've clarified that below :)

EMKA, I'm glad that you liked the cake. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but obviously there are different forms for cakes, so I have written first - optional form! :)

No problem :) it was my fault that I did not read the last comment because this recipe is my favorite since its publication. But there are users who are beginners and can be confusing and frustrating ... Inache recipe is very easy and successful who loves this scent, you should try it.

Put the allowance for capacity in the form of preparation, in addition to the already present size. 30h11 cm no small rectangular (not a large) volume is more than 2 liters, so if you have less than cakes round will have to spill a little muffins.

Thank Nevi and the height of the form is 8 cm and if it can be written in the recipe that became a huge cake and everyone to consider how to bake-muffin pan or form, maybe 2 to 1 as Pepi :)

cake is easy fluffy and flavorful I smashed lemon juice with powdered sugar, pour the cake, sprinkled with almonds. My form is 33/11 and not fit, so I used a small round shape. Congratulations Villas recipe.

missed ,, prepared recipe and get successfully ,,

Flower glad that you tested the recipe and I was pleased excellent idea for lemon sauce and almonds, and the picture is great with 2 blades cakes :)

To ask Steffanell what amount and proportion using lemon juice and powdered sugar for topping? Thank you.

juice of 1 lemon and powdered sugar until thickened, smashed it with a blender can by hand.

Great cake! Villas, this time I did a half dose (no, I would not eat it) :) marking the confectionary it with paint. I decided that the green color most suited lemon :)

Bravo Reni, is an excellent idea to mottle and the image is unique as always! Thank you!

It was gorgeous cake! Thanks for the recipe!

Natalka and I thank you! Enjoy your meal!

Villas, thanks for the recipe! :) Fluffy, fragrant, wonderful cake get! I admit that I added 1/2 cup sugar more, and to come right to our taste. And small kraska for diversity. ;)

Bobby, I'm glad that you like very interesen has received :)

Many like him often do! Villas this time *dropped the* green paint, but ... so green is eaten :) :)

Reni wonderful, so very beautiful :)

Villas, very beautiful photos upload! :) Contribute to Spring mood, despite the gloomy weather! :)

I agree with Bobby :) villas made you so *sunny* pictures!

Thank you girls waited for the sun for a while, even managed to walk in the mountains for crocuses :)

I often do this cake, divided in two forms in one put broken chocolate. This good is cake that is always successful.

Flower, very happy :) Enjoy your meal!

Where did wrong to ask that my cake did not swell (like watching pictures) :(. Is it because he first turned on only on the lower wire oven ... I still can not explain this failure. :(

Roxanne, I'm sorry that it has not received the cake, but I also do not put a lower wire and straight into a cold oven and turn 180, but can your oven to bake more and this is without zapekal be able to rise. Try 160 degrees continuously while baking and I hope next time to boast successful cake :)

This is a cake that always do just that instead of lemonade put milk. Put it in a warm oven and bake at 180 only on the lower wire, and include the top wire just before the cake is ready, as you become a good color. It is very successful this recipe. And recently whipped cream cheese with powdered sugar and a little butter and covered it cool a bit as wonderful ... it :)

Sneji, I'm glad that you like cake and thanks to the new idea of ​​topping and baking for everyone felt how the oven works best :)

Villas, I did it again :) Many like him! Has long been a favorite in our family :)

Reni, many thanks to the new beautiful picture and I am sincerely happy that you became a favorite! :)

again last night sweetened with this awesome cake. Filled rectangular cake pan and I added the rest in the pan for muffins / 12broya /. Already know his measure, so will I do;)

Emi, very happy :) Enjoy your meal! :)

great cake! Goes to Favorites :)

Villas, this time he added chocolate sticks and stained with red :) Thanks again for the recipe! :)

Reni, very glad of your every delicious image and idea of ​​what I Thank you! :)