Biscuit layered cake with cream Bavaria

Submitted by enr on 13 Jan 2011
biscuits breakfast
compote or syrup sweetened milk or water
Bavarian cream or other thick cream of your choice
rum and vanilla essence
butter for greasing the form
Biscuit layered cake with cream Bavaria
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Mix cream at the direction of the package, to which further add rum and vanilla essence. Spread with butter the sides and bottom of our desired shape of the cake. Arrange it in order biscuits, cream line and so until the products each biscuit before ordering immersed briefly in the syrup from our choice of compote (sweetened milk or water). Assembled cake stand several hours in the refrigerator. It's nice to stand all day to be tight. Attention is on the tray and plastered with the rest of cream. The decoration is based on the opportunities desires occasion and fantasy.
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13 Jan 2011


Easy, quick and delicious cake. Very beautiful decoration - Nelly Bravo!

cut piece of mini cakes, which I did, to see inside. Rose has not ryazryazana.

Nelly, where buy cream?

From Metro. I was very pleased, given the height of the cake and not settle. Mix with cold water and a thick hopla as confectionery.

Nelly, good for decoration!

Thanks for the quick response. Will buy and I give it a try.

now I know why I do not like to do cakes, cakes and any test ... great daub it: D. Well I have friends who do it because you love to eat. Nelly this recipe will send her a friend ... then I will comment. :)

Fabulously beautiful cake! Congratulations! Only to get and I of this cream will make it!

Nelly, congratulations! Great cake you did BRAVOOO!

this cream there you have it in kalfland or other chains, I have never seen such a cream and I do not know where to find it

As it is written down, that was bought by Metro!

metro saw, but in our town no subway, so I asked in food chains if anyone knows whether it has as kalfland, Fantastico, europe

It came to the Bavarian cream, and I could not find! Swapped with cream cakes dr. Otker (saturated with chocolate flavor), was very light and very tasty cake! :)