Monastery stew

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
1 kg pork, veal or lamb
2-3 heads (150 g) onion
3 cups (500 g) fresh mushrooms
2-3 (150 g) red tomatoes
3-4 (150 g) peppers
3/4 cup (150 ml) fat
1/2 cup (100 g) rice
1 tsp (5 g) red pepper
1/2 cup (100 ml) wine
1 bunch parsley
Monastery stew
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The meat is cut into pieces and fry gently in 2-3 tbsp of the oil, then remove. In the same oil fry gently chopped onion and add some finely chopped red tomatoes and red pepper. Returns to the meat, add salt, pour hot water and wine and bring to the boil. Then add the mushrooms, then ten minutes - peppers, cut into julienne. As tender meat and mushrooms, add the remaining oil and the cleaned and washed rice. The dish is transferred to the stew and bake. Ten minutes before removing it from the oven add the remaining tomatoes, coarsely chopped. The finished stew sprinkle with crushed black pepper and chopped parsley.
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01 Dec 2002


The meal was great.

Very tasty dish.

It is very tasty casseroles. Try it and you.

Super yummy! Ate my fingers :) Extra is.

is Super! Try it and you.

Super recipe is!

The best of the best.

Jump is super and the coolest is that you can cook with different meat - is super.

I made this dish, but added potatoes became extremely tasty and we really liked. We will do it again, because finally wanted even further.

The recipe is very good. The dish is delicious. This is reinforced by the roast in a dirt stew.

The meal was super. My mother said that tasty something is eaten long ago!

I suggested it to friends and many Japanese like it. Me too.

has great taste! I cook my husband only dishes from Happy Chef *. This recipe is just gorgeous. I recommend it to everyone to try it. And you will not regret it !!

Very tasty, I do not put mushrooms!

It is very delicious. I did it with and without sponges. Without mushrooms liked. However, a matter of taste.

A great recipe!

I also do this hotchpotch, but in my place and olives. Really is delicious.

Very tasty dish!

Very appetizing look.

Well look, and is delicious!

Well done, very tasty dish and looks super tasty!

Now will try after so many good reviews

Can anyone say with how much hot water is poured over the meat, because I am a beginner in cooking, while I want to do it.

obuzhavam it :)

we like this version but I add carrots imalko soy sauce and a l. Mustard seasoning put oregano and thyme becomes super

Something different and very very tasty. I used the base and remove this and that, and added the other thingy, but the idea is awesome.

Wonderful recipe as any other offer. Sait This is a benefit for every housewife.

dish is just amazing. This is one of the favorite family recipes. Pity that always ends very quickly and I can not get a picture.

Add zucchini cubes.

This time I made it with the whole package vegetable mix *Miguel*. Became deliciously :)

I've done like casseroles, joints are strhotni. Now do this and here it looks and smells wonderful!

wine is white, I suppose?

became really nice, but next time I would put more vegetables. These came a little!

Bravo! Great dish!

dish is deliciously tasty and beautifully, I've done it with pork, and lamb and both options are amazing! TRY!

By looking at the picture I remember that instead of rice as in the classic recipe can be made with rice noodles for a change, will probably be delicious.

became very tasty dish, but I added the carrots. All home like it.

Very tasty stew happened! I did half the proportion and cooked in two medium-sized pots.

casseroles is great!