Salad with iceberg

Submitted by enr on 06 Mar 2013
1 iceberg lettuce
10-15 cherry tomatoes
100 g arugula
2-3 tbsp peeled sunflower seeds
6-7 dried tomatoes
olive oil
balsamic vinegar white
1 tbsp mustard
Salad with iceberg
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Iceberg and arugula are tear in a large bowl, add chopped cherry tomatoes in halves, cut into small pieces dried tomatoes and seeds. In a separate bowl mix the mustard, olive oil, vinegar and salt just before serving salad, flavored with this mixture. * I'm not indicate the precise measures of olive oil and vinegar - everyone should assess the taste and feel alone, but be careful with the salt - dried tomatoes are quite savory.
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06 Mar 2013


Gven, I became quite strange ... have salad bowl like mine, cutlery salad as my iceberg and do like me :)! Only I did not put arugula and endive! The salad was very fresh, I can only recommend it. I note that I have rules, because it really is :)

Vnogo delicious salad. Instead of iceberg lettuce sometimes put. It is also delicious.

I'm a fan of iceberg lettuce and combine it with the other products but not dried tomatoes I had not thought to try. And this white balsamic where you buy it I have not seen in stores may have a picture

Insole looking into condimento balsamico bianco, there Bertolt and all sorts of other brands. I use Kuehne +, but there are at Lidl, relatively inexpensive, with very good taste.

My balsamic is San Lazaro, I take it from Billa, but I've seen elsewhere. Aliana in subsequent photos can play *Find ten differences* :)

Thanks will look strange is that in principle this is an Italian product and none of my colleagues do not know about the existence of white balm vinegar oh so I asked if they could photograph them showed that there

There in Piccadilly.

Today I made this salad has sought vinegar and finally came across a * sweet and sour flavor to salads * here you can not call it balsamic. Very interesting taste out. Will become one of the commonly prepared salads thanks. Do not put seeds not only that I do not like but NO

And I forgot to mention that it is with normal tomatoes because dear little boy ate last night the whole box cherry tomatoes watching film chi chi instead of popcorn

Nice salad. I made it with ordinary tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe!