Breaded cream cheese

Submitted by enr on 27 Sep 2011
250 g cream cheese
egg 1
5 tbsp flour
sunflower oil
Breaded cream cheese
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Cream the feta cheese cut with a sharp knife slices. For ease of cutting blade is immersed in water. Each slice is immersed alternately in flour, in egg in flour in the egg. Fry in strongly heated sunflower oil. Serve topped with jam of your choice or with potatoes.
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27 Sep 2011


I tried with pleasure. Unfortunately cream, which I've got, spreadable and can not be cut. I imagine it dripped with honey or sweet cherry ... Mmmm! I began to swallow often often;)

I do not believe that will happen, but unlike other times as I usually breaded cheese slices remained purposes. Rally is my sweet peaches, but will become tasty and with other species. Well combined and with your potatoes in a pan :).

Alina try with fresh cheese. Here I also can not find cream cheese samples with fresh and becomes mmm.

I just fresh I mean (Philadelphia, Buko, Exquisa), it is like our cream. Otherwise I breaded mozzarella and becomes very delicious.

Ali, I mean I do not know how other cheese to get the picture here just to see what I'm talking (writing). Cheese those who lists all I use them spreads and what use to a batter is unsalted and when cut can become a cube without a trace on the knife. http: // www. webmujeractual. com / wp-content / uploads / 2008/06 / quesofresco. jpg, see here for Cavo cheese I mean. Good day.

link does not open, but looked queso fresco, hopefully correctly, the last words of your link. It is exactly fresh cheese, after put the yeast in the milk and crosses are drained and pressed to drain. My mother made cheese, how tasty it fresh ... I have no words! Really its equivalent is somewhat mozzarella, but only somewhat. This Spanish I had not heard, thanks for the info. Will buy to try it, you'm curious :)

Oh it sounds very tasty! I love cream cheese, but what sold in stores is really quite mekichko. Does not fall apart?

I like you worried that it will fall apart and quite a long delay to do it, but I tried and I was convinced that I panicked even easier than cheese and ordinary cheese. The important thing is to cut the quite sharp knife and frying it a little - no more than half a minute on each side. Try it, it's easy. Write then if you like it.

Yes, properly written, now remembered can check in chains *LIDL* *ALDI* the only characteristic of this cheese is that it is unsalted. ;)

Dobreee when you received, then boldly occupy :) I'll tell then what was the result :)