Bazhina Onion (Onion bhaji)

Submitted by enr on 29 Jun 2009
225 g of onion (1 large head)
115 g of chickpea flour (can be replaced by a simple meal)
2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp ground koriandar
1 chili pepper
sunflower oil
Bazhina Onion (Onion bhaji)
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Chop the onion, also the chilli. Mix in a bowl onion, flour, spices and pepper. Add about 8 tbsp water - to get a thick porridge. Heating the oil about 190 C. spooned the mixture and fry until golden. Bazhina finished removing paper towels to absorb the fat. Serve with yogurt mixed with chopped mint and lemon juice (Raita). You can replace 1/2 of the onion with grated carrots or chopped In small pieces spinach.
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29 Jun 2009


I think I'll be tasty :) This sort of cake is it? Or pancake?

just were done so and photo release. Not like cake -flourto not felt. Rather like fried onions. Go extra beer

AA super :) But I what a stupid question-cake? :)

This is probably as onion meatballs ... Will wait picture!

Oh this sounds pretty interesting. Will wait picture! :)

Well done, Danny. Quick and tasty appetizer.

Bravo very loving and will soon put

Bazhina these are super delicious, and no beer and no yogurt are, we lettuce salad just ate them :)

Very tasty obtained, and easily and quickly. I used chili powder instead of chili pepper and ground cumin instead of grains. For the sauce used mint and leaves of Ramsons, slightly garlicky flavor of the sauce perfectly complemented the taste of Bazhina. Congratulations for the recipe!

Wonderful recipe. Has long been tempted to do, but after the incredible picture of lumps ... I can not resist them. Good for the recipe and the picture!

Tasty appetizer offered by Danny and does so beautifully and aesthetically served by buci, that really causes all the senses! Congratulations to both!

They became great - 2-3 times longer do them. Thanks for sharing the recipe

If I were received onion buhtichki and were quite tasty. But in combination with the sauce are simply irresistible (instead used the mint mint).

Very delicious were received awesome blend of spices exactly our taste. Sauce did not, but we had cold beer :)