Pork stew with potatoes

Submitted by enr on 06 Nov 2009
1 kg pork
1 kg potatoes
2 onions
4 grated tomatoes (or canned)
4 pickles
1 tbsp flour
2 tsp paprika
celery, parsley
3 bay leaves
10 peppercorns
Pork stew with potatoes
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Potatoes are cut into slices, onion in large pieces pickles of polukragcheta. The meat is cut into pieces and cooked with bay leaf, black pepper and salt to taste. Put it in a pot and add it to other products (flour mixed with paprika and diluting with water). Make a cup and a half of the broth in which the cooked meat and sprinkle with sunflower oil. Bake in moderate oven with lid, finally othlupva to seal the dish.
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06 Nov 2009


Maggie bravo for the savory meat, and that share it with us!

Incredibly tasty look. I love to do casseroles and my family love them. Goes to Favorites!

Thank you very much, and we love many dishes in stew - are divine!

how long is baked with a lid and how without

Oh, I like stuff in a pot. Maggie looks gorgeous.

I'm not shooting the baking time, but cover is about an hour and a half without - about 10-15 minutes. Still conformed to the oven for baking time. Thank you :)

Mogul became tasty. I put a little red wine.

wonder wonder ... today will do just stew and this photo released by the recipe :) bravo, Magiiii :)

Thanks for the recipe! prepared out before a little, I hope to become a tasty :)

Incredible very tasty!

cooked with easily and becomes delicious. You can use spices to your taste. Thank you :)

great dish. 3 bay leaves are mnozhko.

How will mnozhko 3 bay leaves was quite normal is 1 kg of meat

amount of spices are a matter of taste, I wrote it for guidance.

Majestic, thanks!

Darius, thank you!

It was perfect, but it zaparzhih meat and tomatoes used instead of ketchup home.

Very tasty recipe, just sitting on the table and soil, I had celery and parsley, but it was great. Thanks for the recipe!

Rossi, use many purposes, so writing it in spices, but can do without it. And thank you :)

tasted, but next time I'll skip the pickles, maybe I'll like it more.

The meal became great! Several times I'm doing it all home like it! Thank you!

I pickles barely feel them, but it can be without them when you do not like mimina. Thank Fights :)

if you can tell me just in time how should boil above and below how long bake that does not have any reference in this respect ...

SuperSizee, if you cut the meat into small pieces / morsels / he needs less time - about an hour and 15 min. After boiling and antifoaming. But should try once in a pressure device breaks easily, is ready. Casseroles are put in cold oven and detect approximately half an hour, then othupva and dopicha another 10 minutes. Good luck :)

Thank you very much, because as a boy and then 20 years I have no flair for things, but if you do write as 1, 2, 3 I always get delicious things :)

cooked it in a pan with foil, which waved in the final minutes of baking became ... superb! Thanks for the recipe!

Good morning! Yesterday cooked this dish. E is delicious. Thanks for the nice and easy recipe! Good Day to all!

Fast, easy, tasty and very, very favorite meal! Sometimes it prepare leeks or fresh connection. I have tried with chutney. The result is always great! Maggie, thanks for the recipe