Chocolate layered cake

Submitted by enr on 06 Feb 2010
250 g chopped walnuts
250 g butter
250 g of powdered sugar
6 eggs
50 g cocoa
100 g sugar
50-100 ml milk
2 tbsp rum
Chocolate layered cake
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Cocoa, 100 g sugar and milk boil until a homogeneous mixture as chocolate spread, leave to cool. During this time, the butter is mixed with powdered sugar, are added one by one the yolks. This cream is mixed with the chocolate mix. All stir well and add the rum. The cream is separated 1/3 spreads the cake after baking. Egg whites are broken down into the snow, add the walnuts and stir gently. This mixture was added to oil-chocolate cream, the two portions were thoroughly mixed. Pour into littered with paper baking dish and bake at 180 C. After cooling, the cake is coated top and sides of the separated portion of the cream. Top grate chocolate or sprinkle with coconut. * cake without flour.
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06 Feb 2010


From cocoa, sugar and milk do not think that will happen cream ...

no flour in the recipe. With one hundred grams of milk kakam cream will do that and reach spreads the cake. Raw egg yolks you remain

And I do not become clear what will happen.

Cacao + sugar + 100 g milk Boil the cream and cool. Oil & powdered sugar Beat egg yolks +6 + rum. Cream of cocoa is added to the oily cream. Around the cream is separated 1/3 hour greasing cake. Beat the egg whites to foam add the walnuts and this mixture added it to the oily chocolate cream. Put in a baking dish and bake after I deleted pour cream compartments. The recipe is without flour. Many times I have rules.

So 100 grams. milk will come?

orginal is 5 s. L, if you do not get asked to dissolve the cocoa with sugar put more milk becomes like chocolate.

Thank you. Will now put it to favorites and someday it will do.

Well, yet milk, cocoa and sugar what happens cream, which will thicken it?

This chocolate milk is so small as to dissolve the cocoa mixture to hemogenna.

seems razkoshnooo!

This is my power of decoration, but all liked it. Raleigh wrists are really not consider that I make them, I put them only for the picture.

Hey, girl! Have mercy! :) Such seductive photos to put meals on that person and is fed again to him getting enough :)

Oh Ina with these sweet temptations, yet his promise that tomorrow I will stop, it was a cake for my birthday ... I stop and do not you dare let the site something delicious sweet ...

Flower, what is injection molding? Kisses? Cream?

creamer powder whipped with milk, here we have the choice of cream, I wanted to make your cream with chocolate and cream but is 30% fat and afraid not to leak no whole-milk cream nor sour.

But I've never enjoyed creamer, nor know if and where it is sold. As sprayed how long hold? Probably settle sometime?

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