Gurbet chutney

Submitted by enr on 12 Mar 2014
1.5 kg frozen chopped and cleaned peppers
2 kg chopped canned tomatoes
1 kg carrots
250 g sunflower oil
150-200 g of sugar
2-3 tbsp salt
1 onion
Chapter 1 garlic
savory, cumin, black pepper
Gurbet chutney
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The above product mix and cook until ready. Spices are tentative - you can add those to your liking. Once the carrots soften well, depends how much you want to thicken chutney can continue cooking until you get the desired consistency. Remember that the more dense chutney is more intense should you stir. Finally, allow to cool and blend well. Your choice can be stored in jars that will have to sterilize for 10 minutes or simply place in a large plastic container to keep it in the freezer or in the refrigerator, if you think that will be consumed quickly. I usually choose the second type of storage method, since my family chutney is one of the favorite Bulgarian dishes.
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12 Mar 2014


I bake it in the oven, saving his stirring and spraying of cooking on the stove, and so is the taste of roast

Danny, roasted peppers are you? If not, I guess maybe fresh to enjoy. If you keep it in the refrigerator / freezer, how long can be stored?

Xevi, I use prepared frozen peppers from the supermarket, which I guess before you freeze them blanched, because the indication for the most common use writes that must be prazhnat or dip in goresha water for 2-3 minutes. I think the fresh peppers are going to change the taste of the final product. Naturally, roasted pepper has a unique taste, but in these hectic times do not have much time ... I prepare about three kilograms, liters of chutney. Distribute it into three separate plastic containers, not all Maca amount of impurities - boys combine it with mayonnaise, cheese, etc. And not every time remember to change the spoons - hehehe. Usually for about a week everything is eaten. If you do not eat so much chutney in everyday life is better to put in jars and Vacuums / sterilized. I hope you will like my variation on the theme chutney. Stephanie - will try the next dose in the oven - just not burn that my boys will me angry ...

Thanks for the detailed reply :)

I tan not sprayed baking pan or plates have a non-stick bottom.