Homemade banana layered cake Annie

Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2010
# 1 For base: (it takes 2 the base)
2 eggs
125 g butter
1 cup sugar
150 g of milk
flour as you take
10 g baking powder
1 vanilla
# In between the bases:
2-3 tbsp honey
5 large banana
3-4 waffles (Seagull or similar)
# For the cream :
1 starch cream with banana taste
Homemade banana layered cake Annie
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It takes 2 the base. Mix the butter with the sugar and add eggs. Gradually, alternately add the milk and flour with baking powder and finally vanilla. The mixture should become thick, like cake. Pour into greased and floured pan. Bake until ready. The bases are allowed to cool. I use a pan with a diameter of 30 cm and the base is obtained 2 cm. Optional can be used in small tray for fluffy sponge cake. One base turns and smeared with honey. Three banana break with a blender and mix with waffles, also in a blender (apart from bananas). Do not add water or milk - formed by a thick cream which is coated on the base honey. On cream rank the remaining 2 bananas, cut into rings. Place the second base and top smeared with cream starch with banana flavor (not hot) prepared to package directions. Decorate with less than ground wafer. Nice cake to stand in refrigerator overnight.
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18 Nov 2010


Sounds interesting, well done to the idea.

Thank you, Elti :) this recipe I invented it myself and everyone who tried it said that the cake is great. I wanted to upload photos and so I had not written until now. Becomes very tasty and with elbow grease refrain :)

I add to favorites like me, but it is interesting and easy. Soon will try.

Ive, would eagerly wait for your opinion :) My kids big cake for two days in January gobbled :)

Annie, a very interesting recipe! Immediately goes to Favorites!

Vercelli, I hope to try it soon :) I look forward posts, because their production is mine :)

I loved the recipe. Goes to favorites. In the near future will make it!

Desi, would eagerly wait and your opinion, and especially the children you :)

Pastry became great. Instead I put honey house jam. Very tasty. Annie thank you for the interesting idea!

Vercelli, a lot glad that you liked it :)

This time I made it with banana jelly :)

Very good retsepta- I made it with 3 ponds and put and kiwi fruit and honey with them omesih became chudnichka ...!