Layered cake Watermelon

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2012
2 ready bases (round)
200 ml cream (for cream)
270 g white chocolate
450 g sour cream
6 tbsp sugar
30 g gelatin
vanilla essence (1/2 ampoule )
jam cherries (cherries)
fresh fruits (of your choice)
200 ml pastry cream (plaster of cake)
red and green paint pastry, raisins or berries sweet
Layered cake Watermelon
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In cream put the broken chocolate. Preheat the stove and stirring constantly to melt the chocolate. Then cooled and put in the refrigerator to complete cooling. soaked gelatine in a little cold water and leave to swell. (I think 20 g would do the job, but I was secure with putting another 10 g). Stir sour cream with sugar and vanilla (optional to use a mixer. I did it with a stirrer and then only as to dissolve the sugar). cold cream, chocolate cream removed from the refrigerator and break up briefly with mixer. Add sour cream and dissolved in a water bath gelatin. In the form of a cake with falling walls put one base. Syrup diluted with sweet cherry syrup. Put and fruits - sweet cherries and other fresh (in this case I only had bananas). On top pour half of the cream. Again base, again and again, fruit syrup, and pour the remaining cream. Put in refrigerator to complete gelation of the cream. When I was very fast with these 30 g gelatin. Then cut the cake in half diagonally and get two pieces that disguise * * watermelon. plastered it on the cake with whipped cream pastry, colored green and red. To put seeds of sweet berries or raisins. I used cream with white starch, which colored in red and green. I do not think this is the most appropriate cream plaster on the cake, but under duress so I made it.
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28 Jul 2012


Another beauty! Elti, large master your done!

great beauty and yummy guess :)

lovely cake! BRAVO!

Elti, great idea! Has become very beautiful!

ELTI, and the blog I wrote, but here you will eat with pleasure! :)

Thank you, girls! Glad you like it. Very fast implementation, light and delicious - just for the summer. Hope and taste appeal to you. Will wait for feedback :)

uniquely beautiful - hundred pyti chamomile

Thank you, einjal!