Thai Chicken

Submitted by enr on 02 Dec 2012
12-15 chicken wings or legs party
1 bunch spring onions (can and leek)
1- tbsp chili sauce or Tabasco sauce (maybe more if you like spicy)
2 tbsp soy sauce ( I put 4)
2 tbsp honey (I put 3-4)
3 tbsp sunflower oil
4-5 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp ginger (optional)
pepper, salt, 2- 3 tbsp water (put 4-5)
Thai Chicken
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Onions finely chopped mixed with other ingredients in a large bowl (so the marinade will cover good meat). Add chicken wings / legs in the mixture and then left for an hour in the refrigerator. The whole was then poured into a greased baking tray and baked to give a golden brown tan. * A beautiful, tender and tasty chicken with amazing sauce. Because of the sauce I grew some of the liquid ingredients to make more.
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02 Dec 2012


It looks very appetizing in the picture, and as I read, it seems to me delicious! Fresh grated ginger or is powder? I love everything that is with garlic and exotics, I savsen soon to try them!

Aliana, until now I've always prepare them with ginger powder. I guess that will be fresh, but I have not tried. Bake in the oven is not very strong, the liquid must spring. A very fragrant and tasty dish.

Thank you! Ginger asked only for quantity. Today I will make them and will report :)

I hope you like it. If you can with the statement and a snimchitsa do :)

Marinova more than two hours for dinner I've prepared. Buy 6 whole chicken thigh and divided them into upper and lower part. I put 8 scallions and everything else rather increased - 100 g of honey, soy sauce 50 ml, 100 ml chili sauce, fresh ginger with almost 2. L., 10 cloves of garlic bulbs - well there, we have many smells :) great! Honey and ginger go together wonderfully, and garlic is my absolute favorite when it comes to chicken! I will report how you received and what were your feedback! And surely shoot :)

excuse the errors of haste ...

Leleeee, big meal will fall:) I'm afraid that honey can come in more, not to become a pastry finally :) Many hope you like it, I can not wait to share what it has become. This is one of the favorite dishes of our family and friends. Very fragrant and very, very tasty.
And Aliana, party legs are small and become faster, those who took large / thick and requires a long baking - keep that in mind.

I know, dear, but so throats party with legs or wings to feed, there is simply no chance ... On Saturday I made 40 pieces, 4 kg and you get! Except threw a bucket of bones :) So thick legs today;)

will kill me, his large Male :)

The dish became deliciously! Honey it was not much. And although according to my present to the sauce was too much told me the next time I make more! On my remark that will be soup, only laughed. Thank you gold for the great recipe!

Wow Aliana, looks fantastic - and I know how and what delicious scent worn while bake ...The sauce really superb, will make me next time and I made them with a large quantity of copper. I am very glad that you like.

gold sauce I received many, for some inexplicable reason ... Honey, chili sauce and soy sauce make a total of about 200 ml can of them. Whether your legs let juice or I Livni plenty of water - do not know. Anyway I thought I was drowning. But the taste was good, was not watered down. If you do more sauce, however, may want to put water instead of broth - chicken or vegetable, so you're sure that it will not reduce the taste. In the last two little legs just had lunch my son :)

Most probably both - and legs have placed (especially if they were from frozen) and some water must have put plenty. I always prepare as strictly abide products marinade (2-3lazhichki something) If more people multiply everything by two (meat / spices), thus guaranteed the taste of the sauce does not change, and it is a key. Marinade is prepared so that does not cover the meat in the bowl. I do not dare to change / add anything to not affect vkusa- so much like us. Once the food cool the sauce becomes jelly - it is a sign that it was watery and just as it should. Once the child eats the last two legs, you were great :)

me the sauce was very dark and very thick, very obviously I have baked, but otherwise become superb

petqanabel, nor thy dark or your thick sauce - just such should be. I am very glad that the dish you like

I like watching my only is dark and thick ihihihh

No, not - great is exactly as it should be.

legs were great. The idea of ​​increasing proportions of marinade is very successful. Congratulations to the chef!

Thank rangelova, very glad that you liked the legs.

recipe is really good, the legs were very very tasty. Applause for gold.

gerda22, very glad that you liked the recipe. A little while ago I saw that a lady from our site involved with this recipe in a contest for *The original recipe for the dish in the oven*, and wish success to draw if you win one of three prizes :)

it is not going to happen in advance very thick sauce with 4 tablespoons water 5 .. you so you put or full pan, so as one of the images which is shown ..

Desislava_m, I always perform the recipe exactly as I described it and put 4-5s. l. water. Marinade is not thick sauce thickens as it cooks.