Cheesecake without baking and gelatin

Submitted by enr on 17 Feb 2013
# For the base:
200 g biscuits (Everest or Homeland) with butter
100 g soft butter
# For the cream:
375 g cream cheese (3 bags)
400 g sour cream
100-120 g of sugar (the sugar crystal or powder optional)
2 tsp lemon juice
rind of 1 lemon
1 vanilla
# For decoration:
250 g fruits optional (fresh or frozen)
Cheesecake without baking and gelatin
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Greased form cake with removable bottom with a diameter of 20-23 cm. Crush the biscuits and mix well received crumbs with butter macerate shredded. Spread the mix resulting in an even layer of the oil in court. Put to cool in refrigerator while preparing the cream. In a deep bowl, mix the cream the feta cheese and sugar, lemon juice, grated peel of the fruit and vanilla. Add sour cream to mix with the cream the feta cheese. Spoon mixture creamy spread on layers of biscuits with butter. Top level the well using a spoon or spatula. Put back in the fridge for 2-4 hours to set. When the cheesecake is firm and ready distribute a thin layer of jam, in the case of strawberries and decorate the top with fruit. * cheesecake can be made with fresh or frozen berries - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mix of berries and more. * You can skip the finished sweet, such as cook from fresh or frozen fruits and sugar in the following way: The fruits are cut into pieces, mixed with sugar and leave the fire with continuous stirring, until softening. If necessary, add a little water. unbuckle form and pour cheesecake with fruit mixture cool completely.
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17 Feb 2013


Very beautiful and appetizing photos (as always) :) just like cheesecake, but instead use unsalted cream cheese curd. Home is one of the most popular desserts - it cooks quickly and is delicious!

Thank renito :) cheesecake it tasted amazing and really quick to prepare, next time I will try it with cheese and share.

gold is great! Quick, easy and delicious! So far I have not done without gelatin cheesecake and I admit I was afraid that would be cut well. But my worries were in vain :) decked it with raspberry jam (gelled) and dried cranberries.

Reni, cheesecake you become great with these kapinki and blueberries on top, imagine how yummy is received. For the cream and I had the same concerns, but without gelatin tightened their ideal and had no problem with cutting. I am very glad that you liked it :)

What I have written ... I mean Malinka not kApinki ...

Hello! Prepared recipe and what to tell you, a complete failure! I want to draw into that problem is not in the recipe! I used sour cream MEGGLE, crap. As I made cheesecake at nights Not available gelatin became failure. Although the stay in the refrigerator for 18 hours. Comb it form with spoons. But it was delicious! For nothing in the world I bought, after that product MEGGLE! Will not give up, I'll do it after one day again. The taste is incredible! :)

I always used *Hopla* for me personally is the best :)

Gold, a very easy and delicious cheesecake. I did it with great pleasure. Thank you.

ren4ok, very glad that you liked. Looks great

Very yummy cheesecake, it was great - soft and light, thanks for the recipe :) We used strawberry cheese, so we missed the lemon. As proposed instead of boiled sweet with a little sugar and water mix frozen berries to boil off the liquid slightly, then blend them before and cooled the pour cold basis.

Nevi, very glad that you liked it :) looks great.

I've done, but with unsalted cottage cheese and it is also very nice. :)

I have prepared it, it is very easy and also very tasty :)

I'm glad you like it :) Enjoy your meal :)

Very light and tasty.

lana_s, look very appetizing :) glad you liked it :)

Great dessert with soft texture of the cream. Already one of our favorite desserts. Both of us as friends, which we have recommended recipe.

bubka68, very glad that cheesecake is not like you and your friends. Really great, with a very light and delicate taste and is prepared quickly and easily.

I did it several times *robbed* cheers everyone! Great dessert, and it becomes easy!

great get, and very quickly prepared :)