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Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2011
fresh small potatoes
sunflower oil
spices of your choice: savory, marjoram, thyme, vegeta, pepper or other
Potatoes Master
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Chips Wash nice, do not peel. Sectioned lengthwise into halves. In tray with fat (most delicious becoming without first tray is baked sausages) sprinkle various spices - according to taste of each, their numbers must be sufficient to allow putting an fries to become a crust of spices. Rank in the top tray and also sprinkled with spices and bake in preheated oven at 220 C until ready. Are ready for 30-40 minutes.
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05 Mar 2011


These fries look very very tasty. Will try them now and in the spring and fresh.

These fries do them in the summer as a side dish to barbecue, they are great. Most are good if you make with butter or as Nelly wrote on fat sausage.

do not you pour a bit of water?

No, do not put water.

Great fries! Not even reached us, for another time will do more! :)

At the moment roast them :) I will photograph and document the result.

very good, Marvel

I am glad that you hit it:)

is not how I like, they Beha bomb

were very nice. I cut into 3 potatoes. I put olive oil, 2 p. L white oregano, 2 p. L thyme, only 1 h. L rosemary and 3 heads of fresh garlic unpeeled sklidki. In principle, add a little broth.

These fries have become favorites at home. As they are ready sprinkle with fresh dill and turn the pan with foil to suffocate. Today, I decided to try the recipe and microwave (in this heat I do not give revolved around the stove) and that was great

And once again making these fries with a photo of this yummy

Mary look that appetizing picture and I like eating, anything that is 8 am :)

I did liked by my men and guests. Enter favorite photos and run.

We are delighted! Very tasty!

Bravo for the recipe. I love potatoes and this recipe also are wonderful!

Wonderful recipe fries were great. I first baked meatballs, and then in the fat of meatballs ordered salted fries. Do not put any other spices, worry is not blighted in baking (but next time will try). Once pulled from the oven immediately carried them cold, so while cool *drew* fat, she dabbed at them and were blessed and juicy. Serve with milk garlic sauce.

In the Plovdiv region call it *nadupeni* fries! With apologies!

If you print more become more beautiful because underneath grab a crunchy crust that melts in your mouth. Become brown underneath.

They became just great! Juicy and tasty, straight melt in your mouth! I let them catch a nice crust below, as counsel for comments. Thanks for the recipe :)

I am very glad that you liked the recipe :)

Great fries! :)

Super delicious fries. I added cayenne pepper for more spice. Choked them after baking with foil and became mekichki.

Unique delicious fries! Peko in half a baking dish with a little butter on top and use ready seasoning potatoes. In the other half put Lean pork chops ... and now the result is that there was nothing to shoot, and just breathe :) Six!