Layered cake Medovik (fast)

Submitted by enr on 02 Jun 2009
# For the base:
100 g butter
2 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp soda bread
# For the cream:
500 g sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
100 g chopped walnuts
# Optional:
100 g of prunes
rum or cognac optional
walnuts and chocolate for decoration
Layered cake Medovik (fast)
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On the base: In a metal bowl, mix honey and baking soda, the court put on low heat. The mixture should begin to foam and acquire a bright yellow color (about 2-3 minutes). Pull the mixture from the heat and gradually add it to the butter and other products, stirring well. The mixture was prepared with the consistency of thick sour cream. Bake in moderate oven not greased and sprinkled with flour pan (diameter of the bottom 23-24 cm). The base be careful not to burn, because the burning of very easily. Readiness check with a wooden stick. The finished base cut two thin the base. cream, sour cream mix (best mix with a mixer) with sugar. Add vanilla. Add 2/3 of ground walnuts to the cream. The plums are soaked for 1-2 hours in hot water. On the cake: cream lower base, add the chopped prunes and top are coated with a little cream. Put the second base. Add remaining walnuts to the rest of the cream. Cover with walnut cream and the upper base. Optional to one part of the cream can add rum or cognac. The cake is decorated with ground walnuts and grated chocolate. Before serving, stand in the refrigerator one night.
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02 Jun 2009


is easy and has a great taste

Thank you for the wonderful cake! For every occasion it want :) Great is

On the palate get superb, but swamps me was very thin and I could not cut it in two. I left her with a cake, but very tasty cake. Instead prunes put raisins.

I tend to the more succulent desserts and so the latter must syrup. I used honey instead of sugar. Missed plums and put more cream (3 tubs in 400ml).
Became incredibly tasty and juicy.
Thanks for the recipe.

Sinilga, I see vesi_rn wrote the source of the recipe. I do not know if you know, but one time in school taught Russian language! Why not assume that Vesselina itself has translated the recipe? I think that is logical as it is written which is the source of the recipe. I am also of the opinion that there should be honesty and respect!

Lirinka, because it is not possible for two different people to translate the recipe with the same words and the same comments that are missing original (as such for ease sunburn of swamps, for example, or for the size of the pan ).This translation would even call it an interpretation which is more complicated to do so in the same kind of two different people. (See the link to the recipe (, and one that I specified. Compare, conclusions .... ;)) There is no point for you to speak up for vesi_rn, because she knows best, and it is she herself to speak, but honestly! :) Or quiet to rectify the error. :)

again with raisins made it. I love her, because it is fast and very tasty.

recipe know her from her colleague Polya and then I saw her here. My version is with apricots. I left pastry cream, which cracked and plastered cake. Get well. An easy and delicious cake.

I saw in the shop *Gingerbread Cake* and immediately tidy this recipe. Very tasty work.

As I Lyubka made it with *Gingerbread Cake*. Very tasty happened! Ground walnuts them because their husbands missed prunes (I guess to them shteshte be even more delicious) :)

Very quick and delicious cake !!And I have prepared with *Gingerbread Cake* and added sweet blackberry! :)