Sweet salami

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2003
250 g biscuits
2 eggs
100 g butter
1 cup (200 g) powdered sugar
3 tbsp (30 g) cocoa
200 g walnuts
Sweet salami
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The butter and sugar was stirred and to the mixture was added eggs previously crushed crackers, chopped walnuts and cocoa. Mix well. The mixture thus obtained is formed into a roll, wrapped in fsunflower be oil or paper and placed in the refrigerator.
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14 Jan 2003


This is an excellent cake. With a very pleasant feeling and appetite remember it from childhood, when I have not eaten any or every other day, but I made enough impression with its incredible taste! If you have not, try it! :)

It was the most delicious cake I remember my grandmother did it with love for us every New Year. Try it and you.

My favorite dessert. As a small mom very often I did.

If you do not absolutely fresh eggs, better replace them with two spoons of honey. The taste is incredible and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. Enjoy your meal.

And I remember this little dessert when it was preparing grandmother. Now I'm happy that I can dress it again (this time alone) after so many years. Thanks and good appetite!

And my mother made it when I was small. Now I'm 29! Well, roughly 20 years I have not eaten, and now I intend to do it alone! Is incredible!

Instead of nuts, I've done it with delight and great. Turkish delight was heated to steam and is mixed in the *dough*.

You have everything there in the market but it is a trademark made in BG.

This is really a trademark. Every time I go to Bulgaria my mother makes. Simply amazing. Mmm.

Since childhood I remember. Bride makes me several times here for friends from England and could not understand what was done. Depending on cookies can be put: cinnamon, cloves, peanuts, almonds. Or any delicacy that we have at hand.

Wonderful recipe. Becomes very interesting if we add the coconut flour in the mixture.

This cake is great when I was little my mother was making him now as I far will prepare it alone. Good appetite.

Thank you so much for this recipe. I always wanted to remember how to do and I could not pick out the proportions in the products. Thank you again.

great cake, I remember that when I was a mother has made double doses because Dad adored him. Now I do it for the first time alone and I hope to be as tasty as mother makes :)

My mother also always my rules this cake. Top can sprinkle it with grated coconut and becomes even more tasty. Good appetite!

Try it add 1-2 tablespoons liquor or as my grandmother - disease. Great as it is added and the fruit of the disease, or any other sweet. It really replaces the eggs and the taste remains great :)

Wonderful light cake that brought me back to the carefree childhood. Try to feel you.

My family also likes sweet sausage and although I'm only 19, I own it ready by about 5 years. Is great, but if you cut a little delight cubes will become even more beautiful!

No more of this delicious dessert, even here in France I love it I just might add 1 teaspoon vanilla and a little rum. Good appetite and rather than me.

In fact, the original recipe sweet salami made with delight, diced. Put and cut into small pieces dried fruits - raisins, apricots, whatever your likes and has at hand. Required for the fragrance are vanilla and 1 tablespoon brandy or rum. Enjoy your meal!

Shortcake number 1.

As a small, often with my girlfriend we made sweet sausage, half of my products, half of it. And recently in an Italian cooking show they did this dessert by adding and maskrapone, and cooked rice. Importantly biscuits are wholesale crushed to resemble a real sausage, biscuits and oil becomes even better. Try.

To the mixture is better to add 2 and vanillin.

First crushed biscuits and scatter fresh milk to soft. Then the mixture is made with butter, cocoa, egg, sugar and chopped walnuts.

is very tasty sausage. I do it from time to time. Products to add some chopped jelly candies and Turkish delight. As cut into circles is very effective.

I think this is very very yummy sweet sausage, even is wonderful!

Really old Granny's recipe. Slightly moisten the biscuits / juice compote / will become even better.

Last week I did it, but without eggs became great tasty cake. My husband me burst of glory.

coconut Instead I put a little grated chocolate. Becomes very tasty. I do it for years and always eat in no time.

There are many variations of sweet sausage and I do and this is my favorite dessert childhood. Insert and delight.

tasty hem hem easy

very tasty :)

I want to ask what cocoa used cleaner (natural) or milk (sweetened)? Thanks :)

Classic :) I also remember him with pieces of Turkish delight, and do not use egg :)

Because it is fast, and I'd yade6e this sweet sausage, swapped cr. oil fasta4eno oil and eggs with fig jam. The result be6e fantasti4en.

great dessert, I added vanilla, raisins and slices of delight, mmm.