Potato patties with spices

Submitted by enr on 10 Oct 2007
1 kg potatoes
4 eggs
250 g feta cheese
sunflower oil
Potato patties with spices
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Cooked and peeled potatoes smash and mix with crushed feta cheese, chopped parsley and dill, crushed garlic, salt and pikantinata. Everything is kneaded and shaped balls that are rolled in flour, melted in the beaten eggs and again in flour. Fry in a highly heated sunflower oil until golden.
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10 Oct 2007


I love potato balls, but do not become properly. Will try this recipe and I hope this time things worked.

A lot depends on the potatoes.

I do them in the same way but in the mixture and add a little flour or breadcrumbs and become great. If the potato is a watery mixture will become very sticky and frying the meatballs will be crushed, so we need flour or bread crumbs.

deti82 this time were you like meatballs? And I still do not want to receive. Must try this recipe sometime. Image look perfect!

and I put an egg in the mixture.

I'll try a must! Super look!

Bravo for the recipe! Scary-good became Bookmark

This recipe is good if you have dry mixture, just as shape meatballs, wet your hands, it is important to become smooth and no punatini. After tumbling in the flour will be locked. Here are that rolled in egg that helps the integrity of the patty and eat less fat thus frying. If your potatoes are watery, put an egg in malkoVnimavayte to tip them, pushed them with a fork, but help her. Good luck!

Great meatballs. Bravo!

I will try tonight to do and write what you

Very tasty BRAVO!

I tried this recipe meatballs were very tasty. Bravo!

several times already do them. Are great!

Today I will do them for lunch, hoping to please.

I had a great desire to do potato meatballs, made 3 attempts and nothing happened. All compliance in recipes noo alas - always scattered in frying ... Please give some advice!

veselinka, roll good already shaped meatballs in flour and eggs, and can put them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes.

I'll try this option, they told me also breading to make it as a mess-everything together flour and eggs. Ithaca will try. THANK YOU! I hope to get. And this time if it does not already really thinking whether to try ...

I do when I make such breading peppers burek. Beat yolks with beer or soda and flour until the desired density in printsep as palchinki dough and add a stirring proteins prior evidence that I smashed snow melt in it and fry.

are very nice. thumbs up

When I get better without spraying. To become properly put an egg in the mixture and add a little flour. As frying, do not use a fork and a small Blades because in spiking can tear. Success;]

Tonight I made them. Were wonderful! I noticed that when the efforts the fire began to explode. When I reduced the stove became better. I fried them in a Teflon pan with a little oil.

thank you very much for the nice and useful recipes

Many are delicious tonight ventured to make them and the result was amazing. Nor cracked or crumbled (allowed myself to put one egg in the mixture and left her a few hours in the refrigerator to harden). Rolled in bread crumbs, then in egg and pan ...... then the plate with garnish optional! Try and you and your meal.

Great recipe ... become perfect :) But instead Oval: flour-egg-flour after them ovalyam them in egg roll in Galle ... :) become concrete no shedding or degradation;)

Hello! Potato meatballs eat most at home.I always get put in the mixture for eggs, not flour.Tentative 1 kg. potatoes 3-4 pc. 0,5sirene eggs and seasoning savory. Roll them in flour and fry.Eggs *tighten* not *explode*.This is my opinion and my experience.A good recipe is from spices

Why always me darkens fat? Flour you?

By the time I found one off. important thing. It is very important variety, but it's luck. For this purpose we need potatoes with little water content. There's something else after boiled potatoes remove water and leave for 20 minutes. To cool. So much of the water evaporates and potatoes minced meat becomes firmer.

If you worry that water is a lot in cooking potatoes, try the following: 3-4 medium to large-sized potatoes, put in the microwave for about 4 minutes maximum. Turn the potatoes and run for another 3-4 min. Max. Poizstinat to leave for about 10 minutes. Become dry as baked, even you may need refilling fluid. :) The recipe is for my potatoes and microwave, so changes to your stand.

To no doubt will add that described in earlier than my recipe for *cooking* potato becomes ie without water Wash raw potatoes and place them directly in the microwave in a bowl or dish. May Pierce raw potatoes advance several times with a knife.

Great became meatballs! Thank you!

And my secret to perfect potato meatballs, potatoes are completely cool-svaryaram them as your order is in a saucepan with water, 1 tablespoon salt and 1tbs vinegar, strain off them and leave them. of others. day they peel them and grated! knead as mince 2 eggs, a little flour, salt and spices, exesweet on balls, rolled in flour and fried, rules'm 30-40 pieces at once without ever spoil form, easy and delicious!