Beer-honey pork ribs in the oven

Submitted by enr on 04 Jul 2011
about 1 kg ribs / chest
1 liter beer
100 g honey
about 100 ml soy sauce
salt and red pepper
basil, oregano, savory (maybe others .)
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
Beer-honey pork ribs in the oven
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Ribs are washed, then thoroughly coated with the oil, salt and red pepper. Put them in the pan. In a separate vessel in a little hot water dissolve 2 tbsp honey, add soy sauce and beer. Pour the mixture into the pan. Each ribs brushed with a little honey and sprinkle with basil, oregano and savory, maybe other spices to taste. Bake in a moderate oven, time is the type of oven. Optional can do and potatoes in the remaining mixture after removing the ribs.
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04 Jul 2011


This recipe I liked and since I had ribs in January I applied a chicken. Became very, very tasty and tender. I added rosemary, garlic and lemon. I ordered some chicken and fries. They also were very nice.

I'm glad you liked the :)

Very tasty look. How long bake? -for electric

valka 100 I can not say how long bake just because every oven is different and it takes different times. My oven is a Russian old and it took me about 1 hour max :)

In my ribs were ready just after the hour of 200C, and after an hour and a half and already had a nice crust. Before you put them to bake marinate them for about 5 hours in honey, soy sauce and beer. Became very fragile, straight separated from the bone. I had a little knuckle I made with ribs.

Today I'm going to do them, but I did not understand what was happening with liquid beer, honey and soy sauce, discard you or ribs bake with it?

We have a similar recipe for chicken wings, wings there are flooded with a mixture of honey, soy sauce and beer and bake, I guess here should Where is the same way I turn them several times during baking to seasoned better. I know how good wings prepared in this way, I believe that the ribs will be.

Thank Milencha. I thought so, but I decided to ask anyway ...

Hello, I apologize for pozabaviliya response. To accommodate the ribs are baked mixture to seasoned better and become more juicy. But anyone can prepare it at their discretion. Greetings!

I just guests departed and all byahya delighted the taste and appearance of the dish. Thanks for the recipe will cook many times. Thank you!

At the moment I have no ribs / Grill December Cerda / but I have a neck so that tomorrow will cook ... I just honey and ... Greetings from Buenos Aires ...!

I hope you like it, Greetings :)

Many thanks for the recipe! Ribs were received juicy with a sweet crust! In juice added and fries - beauty!

I made them last week with smoked ribs with lots of meat ... Were very tasty and cooked faster ...!

Last night I made them again and again an excellent result.


All the beer you enjoy?

... I do not have to put a liter of beer, it is ...!

Well, go Ivelina to clarify beer 1 tablespoon Is or 1 liter. For me, one liter of beer a lot. And HY then hot water to dissolve the honey, as there is so much beer in the recipe?

Otherwise killer look like baked ribs and immediately went to the *Favorites* :)

I Ivelina, but to say that I used 1 liter of beer, as it is a recipe. And it was not much. Just turn aside while beer and meat becomes ready.

I make them exactly the recipe and there are always great. Beer is not much, especially if put in the baking pan and potatoes, they take it.

Well, this is the recipe that I use and put all products listed and described in the recipe quantities. but everyone can use their own variations and quantities.

do often and ribs are always great ...

Thanks for the recipe! Received is amazing. I also used 1l beer, cover them with aluminum foil for about 30 minutes, but they Peko about 1 hour thereafter. Were incredibly tender and succulent! Recommend !! :)

are unique, delicious, straight brutal! Even painful fastidious my child eats, which means they are very good! Bravo for the recipe!

Enjoy! Cheerful and delicious feasts at all!

Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty obtained. Goes to Favorites :)