Chicken Zaragoza

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
200 g of meat (chicken or pork)
2 tbsp grated cheese
2 tbsp stewed mushrooms (or pickled)
1 tbsp chopped pickles
1 tbsp chopped olives
Chicken Zaragoza
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From meat to make two steaks , Pip is very thin. Put inside other products and winding two balls tied with thread and bake BBQ. Serve with lemon and garnish of your choice.
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27 Jan 2010


Goes favorites. Looks delicious.

Elti great shots.

Very tasty obtained, especially with lemon. I Paiute oven. Under the photos I put a comment. I put the pictures before I tried it, and then the sample already and evaluation - EXCELLENT!

i4eto3421, I'm glad you like the photos. Supplement your delicious recipe with descriptive material:-)

I'm glad you liked the recipe.And I will try to bake in the oven.

Looks great. This week should be done. I had not paid attention to this recipe, unfortunately, but the pictures provoked me.

Otsenka- Excellent. I Paiute oven and the meat was pork. Yummy ...

Here is my picture of the roast in the oven. Tasty happens with turkey meat.

oh-oh-oh and I have to do it

Elti great shots - so delicious that if I had seen earlier would it sets up this dish tonight - with the filler may experiment, I would add and melted cheese ... How much time they need above below to roast if wrapped in foil and put you a little some water in the pan?

I bake about 30 minutes with foil. Then clean off the film, a little cheese and bake until golden. This is a proposal of Elti. Let it be written. Last week they Peko and grilled with lemon are very great.

di_jar, thank you. Long I did not remember the recipe and time. I remember it was tasty :) But, says Ivv, about 30 minutes is enough in the film, then there are outdoor grilling. And I think I put a little water in the baking pan. Try this recipe - it is very nice!

Two days ago, cooked recipe with chicken fillet. As written Elti, I Peko it in the oven with foil and so on.. But my meat was dry. I guess I have not chosen a suitable chicken or Djiev their spoiled produce. Next time will advance souse or will be pork. Overall, we liked the recipe at home and were pleased. Will try again.

I'm glad you liked the recipe. To me now is not my dry meat. If you still do it after removing the foil seal it for short. I do not think it is up to the mark.

I never managed to gather both ends of the steak, I filled her a lot and have to use and I film. Great recipe, very tasty!

Senjak, I'm glad you liked it. The picture is great.

Wonderful quick and easy dinner! Grill ready for several minutes! Instead neck chicken dzhobchetata closed with toothpicks. Unfortunately I had no olives, but still get a very tasty.

We really like it! I used the pork fillets wrapped in foil! Toy more, but worth it :)

Indeed in the film is better in the oven - so suffocated and the meat is softer. Chicken is generally drier and often becomes trichavo. The same goes for pork-loin (chops are another thing and have mazninka). Often decide the issue of dry marinades for chicken and pork elevation. Then become soft and juicy meat. If a grill pan - only a few minutes on each side - not overcooked and dried mestse.

Auuuuu so appetizing photos. Looks super tasty. Thank you trust the recipe.