Raw chocolate pudding with hemp seed

Submitted by enr on 13 Apr 2014
2/3 cup (160 g or 12) fresh cookies dates, pitted
1/2 cup (125 ml) of water
2/3 cup (125 g) Ice
1 cup (160 g) hemp seed
1/8 cup (12 g or 6 tsp) cocoa powder
For decoration: cocoa beans and fresh fruit (optional)
Raw chocolate pudding with hemp seed
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Soak the dates for a few minutes in warm water to You find it easier to peel them. Add peeled dates, water and ice in a blender and whip. Add hulled hemp seeds, cocoa powder and vanilla. Mix until smooth and creamy. It took me about 5 minutes in the blender. Optional: Decorate pudding with cocoa beans. Serve with fresh blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.
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13 Apr 2014


Danny, I can not smog of your good puddingta! And this goes to Favorites!

:) Gerry see the first picture look like fresh sweet dates. I buy them from Bulgaria, but imports from Iran.

Yes, dates sell them in the markets. 3 Levs about their price and are very tasty. On the recipe, how many servings puddingta go?

I did two portions puddingta to these products.

Danny, are not there many 6 tablespoons cocoa 2 servings? I know how big measuring cup to 1/4. H. - To collect a maximum of 2 s. L. - And the recipe specified 1/8 h. H.

may be more or less depends on how Spoonful. So there are weight out - 12 grams. I personally measure it by the weight.