Roll of filo pastry

Submitted by enr on 14 Apr 2012
400-500 g filo pastry sheets
# spreads sheet:
500 g yogurt
3 eggs
10 g baking powder
5-6 tbsp mayonnaise, sesame seeds for sprinkling
200 ml sunflower oil
# 1 For the stuffing:
150 g of salami
2-3 mushrooms
50 g soft feta cheese
50 g cheese
# 2 For the stuffing:
1 egg
4-5 tbsp mayonnaise
100 g soft feta cheese
100 g cheese
Roll of filo pastry
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Corey divided equally, to me were 12 sheets and made to have 6 sheets sheets for one roll and 6 sheets for the other roll. In a pan put baking paper, namazva sunflower oil and lining peels. Put sheet and smeared with a mixture of beaten eggs added yogurt with baking powder, mayonnaise and the oil. This mixture is brushed each crust, the crust 6 also smeared and sprinkled with plenty of sesame and poppy seed might. Bake taking care not to toast because it is hard rolled up. While baking one stuffing. Salami and mushrooms fry them until ready. Sheet is removed from the oven and turn on paper or plastic, which will then roll up our roll. The mixture is placed at one end, top put cheese cubes and soft feta cheese, rolls up into a roll and set aside. Thus, sesame, which was below is already on top of the roll. Similarly, rules and other roll, only the filling is beaten egg mayonnaise both feta cheese. Already finished two rolls are placed in a tray or other suitable container, which will bake about 10 minutes - to bake the stuffing inside. Cool and cut into portions.
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14 Apr 2012


An interesting method for pie, but I did not understand how bake * to be easily rolled. Swamps supposed to be slightly crude to be softer and not breaks in winding?

Peko 180 C for about 10 minutes, I'm not shooting how, but above so below

I did a roll with cheese and one with spinach and cheese. Peko in preheated oven twice in 30 minutes at 200 degrees. On the tenth minute were not heard :( Get well, thanks for the recipe!

I got my 10 minutes, cmon have been 15 and I'm not shooting them, but certainly not 30 minutes, but of course it all depends on the oven. My strong, bottom and -slaba from above

goodies! I did both rolls stuffed with cheese (soft is melted smoked, and roasted pepper added). We like!

I am glad that you like, the filling can be anything, will try and sweet stuffing

Petya, get very very tasty! I never used until now your recipe, I know I'm fascinated by the roll!

I am glad that the chi-like