Sauce for fried fish grandmother

Submitted by enr on 18 Jan 2014
4-5 cloves garlic
4-5 walnut
2 slices of bread
100 g feta feta cheese
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil from fried fish
Sauce for fried fish grandmother
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Garlic the walnuts, bread soaked in water, the feta cheese and the salt is crushed to a homogeneous mixture into a suitable container (small pot for example), because the mortar has little purpose. Well, you can always do it separately in a mortar. First garlic with the salt, which pour into a medium bowl, then the walnuts and other products that are creased to a homogeneous mixture. Everything is mixed well in the bowl. Strained sunflower oil from the fried fish pour in the resulting paste and stir again. Make as much water as you want to be a thick sauce. * Important! Do not be afraid that the oil in the pan is blackened flour when frying, after straining remain only fine particles - this is the secret of this sauce. The oil has assumed the smell of fish and smells like raw (if you decide to replace it with sunflower oil from the bottle).
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18 Jan 2014