Banitsa with pastry baked sach

Submitted by enr on 22 Feb 2009
1 filo pastry sheets baked sach -3
300 g feta cheese
300 g yogurt
125 g butter
2 tbsp flour
4-5 eggs
1 tsp baking soda
Banitsa with pastry baked sach
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Eggs are broken down and add the flour, crumbled feta cheese, melted butter and milk, which is extinguished soda. In each crust put 1/3 of the filling. Wound, but not tight, because it inflates in baking. Arrange in greased and floured pan. The banitsa smeared with beaten yolk with a little sunflower oil and bake at 180 C 25-30 minutes. Wind up with a wet cloth.
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22 Feb 2009


Thank country are all fond of pies :)

pie is great, from a known time only do it in kashti

Such wafers will hardly find. Will do with hand rolled. Bravo! Like me.

Such sheets have 2-3 stores type square in a plastic bag 3 pieces of sheet!

Christo, these sheets are not you one of those hard (brittle to the touch)?

Ah, true thought into them everywhere. I did not know is are sach. They pishe- Homemade rolled right? I do them with pastry / if They do a /.

of certain brands peel wrote sach :)

No, those fragile wafers are not sach, but they are nice, but if you do them every pie with a crust to immerse it in a pan with hot water, then rinse with hot fat: butter, oil, lard whatever you want and cheese and so alternating each row and at the top and back fat cheese and then bake the pie katop pour a glass of cold sugar syrup. Is great! And these baked sach are 3 pieces in a plastic bag folded square and otherwise ellipse almost round and soft are not fragile :) Good luck to all who will eat delicious pies!

I am very happy where recipes are obtained without having to adjust the quantities of the products in the case was right. Became a great pie. Thanks for shared recipe.

troughs used were bought from Turkey, I share this detail because the difference of hand-rolled sheets (bought from BG) have nothing to do! Each crust is thin stringy, lightly cooked sach whether or not (I can not specify), generally speaking, I was impressed - the difference was glaring. Eventually important is the final result: fluffy, juicy and delicious mnoogo byurecheta!

pie was amazing. Namam picture, but already 2 times in January for the first screen last weekend. And Edirne peel also get a lot better, but to those of the hot plate was the tip.

Lu4a, first want to congratulate you for the Cup competition-m. July photo-starters and salads. In comments on the pie just tempt me, breaking all my diets. I do not know where, but I was intrigued with the Edirne peel. Svekito of Plovdiv, coming to visit the last time I bring these sheets. But here in Sofia I have not seen them. If you are here, please direct me where it is!

Girls hello and with your permission participate in comments to display. Iris really have the right that those of Turkey are very different from ours rolled by hand. Age row right of Turkish pastry pie, zashtoto Bulgarian Shop in Palm him have a Turkish family with Diuner kebab and zarezdaha only Turkish pastry. Now we have and peel Familia. Turkish pastry swells taste like eggs and Pathet are only 3 huge, round, baked on both sides. So I would let a liquid filling. Smell and taste of home peel. I say that 3 sheets, but I literally put up with them and so noyitsata out about 9 leaves that as a protruding baking pan was overcrowded. Now I do not pay them because of their shelf-life, people do not know and I'm twice vrashtala package fly and so on.. Pie but not only do we so different flavors ...

A great recipe! And great sheet, I am very happy :) It was very tasty and banichka even be faster than the standard because peels are small (mine was 4).

Just to inform you peel're not cutting them - as they were large and round them narasihme stuffed everywhere, winding the long rolls and then snails.

Thank you for the great recipe! I made it with sheet also purchased from Edirne and became great! Next time I'll try a Bulgarian pastry and see what happens.

Lirinka, sorry for the late reply, but right now I have time for here. I'm not from Sofia. Edirne peel buy from our town has them as fine sheet which again are thicker than normal and have them manually rolled that are 4 units and are quite thick. I can send you if you have not gotten to now :)

Thanks for the recipe. I have prepared it with pulled sheet sach. I am delighted. Was very tasty. I think this is retsetata which I needed.

banichka reluctant made it with cheese and little Cheese and became very vkusnaa :)

several times already make pie crusts Edirne - are wonderful. Pie rises, it becomes big and really tasty. Tonight baked two cakes for the New Year and as three days in a row is not found from Eastern pastry made them with * Pulling sheet sach * Bella - a nasty pies never rules. In the beginning everything was perfect with them in baking rose beautifully. Sprayed with water and covered with a towel to rest. I can not tell you what a shock it was for me an hour when they looked. I had two wonderful omelet terror. Were dropped, and dropped corrugate, just as thick omelet. Never buy such sheets. Complained to :)

gold, I am also your patio with these sheets! Do not be angry, it is important to be healthy! Happy Holidays! :)

Oh Lirinka, thank you dear, it really is important. Tomorrow will eat one omelette with luck and that is:) Happy New Year Eve and you and everyone merry cooks. I wish you many more creative inspiration, good health, happiness and love.

This time I added in stuffing roasted green pepper and became pastry mishmash :)

Wonderful pie happened! Not curl, did impose it.

I do Z, is great! :)

C peel Edirne became the great pie :)

makes this pie several times, is great!

Lately use peel *grandmother* Kubrat eng. Municipality. Great pie it! :)

Nelly, and I am very pleased with them :)

Very good happened to peel Edirne!

Do small florets / patties because my kids are impressed, and they are easy to eat.