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400 g biscuits (Savoyardi)
500 g feta cheese Mascarpone
3 eggs
150 g sugar
grated orange (or lemon) peel
2 tbsp Marsala wine (or liquor, rum or other alcohol of your choice)
2 cup espresso coffee without sugar
cocoa powder
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In a bowl stir the feta cheese until fluffy cream and gradually add vanilla and a little grated orange (or lemon) peel. Yolks are broken with sugar until fluffy and add carefully to the feta cheese. Egg whites are broken down into the snow and add to the feta cheese in small portions and the mixture is stirred gently. Court cover and leave in the fridge to cool down. The coffee is mixed with wine or liquor. In pan ranks layer biscuits which were previously soaked in coffee, then smeared with cream on top is dusted with cocoa powder. Top ranks layer of ladyfingers and so to run out of products. The top layer is a cream. Tray covered with household foil and place in the refrigerator for several hours (preferably 24 hours). Before serving, sprinkle the top with cocoa powder and grated chocolate. Eggs recipe can be replaced with 300 ml cream. Lopsided chilled cream is added to the previously broken feta cheese mixture and gently stir.
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18 Sep 2007


I make it myself, but it burned retseptite- thanks a lot 4f her written -STRASHNA Well ... will yaslozha to favorites THANK Saint.

This recipe seems very tasty. Today, I will try and write your opinion. Thanks for the good idea.

This is my favorite dessert :)

cheese, may it be replaced with another what?

For the first time I tiramisu became very tasty :)

I guess mascarpone may be replaced with cream cheese or something ...?

Well that it can - can. And certainly tasty. But not mascarpone, I think you understand what I mean. Mascarpone has in BG, why do you want to replace it?

Because I live in a city where it certainly can not find mascarpone :)

Replace it with cream cheese, mascarpone but is lighter than it. Whipped cream cheese with cream - so hem will be softer texture, yet will raise the percentage of fat (mascarpone has 80% fat in the dry mass, ie around 42% absolute cream cheese has about 40% fat in dry weight, about 20% absolute). This ready-mix their departments 500 g recipe. I'd tried with about 400 g cream and 150 ml cream - cream to cream I pumped and I smashed wire. And sugar should be increased slightly guess. Come success and tell how he received:-)

I did it with powdered sugar and lemon peel without. I ordered it in a baking dish as xevi and received 3 rows biscuits. Cooled the it for 24 hours. before serving. It was good, but I think the order of 3 falls much because some of the cream absorbs into the biscuits and there is very little between them and the taste is testyan (like biscuit cake) but I think the cream to feel more . The next weekend will test only 2 lines.

400 g 400 g biscuits are biscuits. Whether you are 2 or 3 lines does not matter. Why will take more having 3 lines?

great get ... is missed chocolate but without it definitely! Bravo for the recipe put it into your favorite to do in sashttata sometime again. and I do it with mascarpone look that you wrote on this topic ... 2 boxes took me .. I do not remember what weight had got them from eroski Centre (Spanish hypermarkets)

Here's how you cook real italiyantsi: - 500 grams. Pastry cream;
- 200 grams. Yolks (many Uchida me, but it gives the woman :) are maybe 3-4 yolk);
- 100 g. Sugar;
- 250 grams. Mascarpone cheese;
- Biscuits;
- Strong coffee;
- Cocoa for sprinkling.
Preparation: yolks and sugar are broken down very well. Add mascarpone cheese and crashed again.
In a separate bowl crashed pastry cream. Once ready mixed with the front mixture (yolks sugar Mascarpone), stirring very gently to fight - just mix the two mixtures.
Take court which will arrange the cake. Make a first line of biscotti, each of them in advance dip in strong coffee (both sides), seasoning with cream. Sprinkle with cocoa. Make second order - again dipping biscuits and arrange them. Do 2 or 3 rows according to the court and cream. Top sprinkle with cocoa. And lest you think I lie see this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI_41waoBBU

It was great! Thank you :)

Obligatory will try. And someone will share you how pieces go? Thank you :)

I'll try. Tip: there is no shortage or excess product, please share the size of the pan.

samples.Very good version of Tiramisu.Just to tell you that I swapped with mascarpone cheese cream 3 sachets / x ./ 125 grams mixed with 150ml. Pastry cream.I did it in a baking dish with a diameter of 26 cm., Took 16 pieces.Try it, you'll like it!

take chances with zest. pres4a is mascarpone

Lemon (more precisely how any acid) crosses all dairy products! :)

This is not true! Cream and sour liquid, mascarpone, fresh cheese - do not intersect! Even the milk does not cross if ice cold! Do not write false, unverified claims!

I want to do for RD 1 child mini tiramisu in plastic cups 0. 2l. Do you think you will get a tasty and how do I order? I want to offer one of the cakes.

Well, here look at this video that I shared earlier :)http://youtu.be/HI_41waoBBU?t=5m20s
It shows how to make a cup - a good deal more, but it is an important idea!
But I do not know how appropriate Tiramisu for children with a view of coffee :)

Thanks Dean. This video is not shown exactly how it arranges the cup, but reminded me to look for other on youtube and I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks that reminded me. Tiramisu not for children but for adults, children will be normal cake, and the babies of 1d. will do and baby cake.

ordered biscuits bit different and I poured chocolate sauce was very tasty.

I had the chance a few years ago to be in Switzerland! I first tried the tiramisu! Is there such a dessert! :) My version with cream cheese and add photos! Great recipe!

Very nice recipe! I put lemon or orange peel, but will try sledvashiyat time. Diminished coffee with half a glass and replace it with a mixture of Marsala and rum. I prefer it without chocolate - with cocoa like more.

Very tasty and original :)

This cake is incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy :)

very good recipe :)

I have prepared it was incredible! Thanks for the recipe.

This time I put 1/2. H. Amaretto and 1 and 1/2. H. Coffee was very tasty.

Wait 24 hours, it was great. Do not put eggs, I'm not sure how fresh. Excellent recipe!

Great dessert! :) :) :)