Fast confused pizza - without yeast

Submitted by enr on 15 Apr 2013
1 egg
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 cup flour
# spreads of the base:
50 ml sunflower oil
5-6 tbsp tomato paste (I used homemade chutney)
savory, pepper and oregano to taste
garnish with products optional
Fast confused pizza - without yeast
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In a bowl mix the egg yogurt and shattered it soda. Add the oil, salt, flour and stir with a fork until dough cakes. Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured pan - 30-34 cm in diameter. Using a spoon the mixture is evenly distributed on the bottom of the tray and bake until pale pink in preheated oven of 170C. While the base bake, prepare the mixture spreads and cut products to season pizza. The base is smeared with tomato mixture, garnish with products optional, sprinkle with cheese and dopicha. * 1 cup = 250 ml * The pizza is cooked very quickly, the base has no yeast, the products are getting into and bake immediately. * Once cool pizza is not a sole and remains mekichka.
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15 Apr 2013


* * Fast confused pizza ... this for me is just a quick pizza dough or batter ... ... and then cooled down, I doubt very much ... I tried with soda and * without * yeast but Always test remains firmly :)

Manuela85, prepare pizza so often, after cool remains soft - guaranteed. Dough definitely not a pancake, is considerably thick. If you decide try and share :)

OK! I hope to get me!

Very intrigued me the recipe. Will try in the near future and will share a natural result.

Manuela85, I'm sure that will happen :) didka72, I'm glad that the recipe has caused interest you. Would expect the views of both of you.

This recipe I'm doing it for years and it is great. I put on unbaked dough and filling again occurs and as cool does not harden. Makes it boldly and you will not regret. Good luck!

Strahogna is

Absolutely unique get! Thanks for the recipe. Immediately enter in column favorite :)

ninablu in our family prepare pizza for years :) and always gets great. Respect similar recipes - quick, easy and very tasty. analusia, danula, very glad that you are liked.

Great recipe. It was really tasty, put scallions and taste is incredible!

Great recipe, thanks Zllate ..! I make it in twice already and gets great pizza. Ends in minutes, show-stealing, everyone wants more, but ... no, I will wait until next time. Once again - congratulations to the author!

I forgot to clarify that and I like ninablu put the stuffing on the unbaked crust. Pekka at 180 *, 30 minutes. All managed to roast and does not remain raw. Pizza became very juicy ...

Yaro, didka72, very glad that you liked the pizza. And at home there is never enough and sometimes prepare two number :) Until now I always bake marshes, but if you say that without browning occurs next time and I will make her like you.

Great recipe! I put in the dough and two tablespoons of oat and wheat bran. This is a proposal for lovers of - healthy food. Stuffing and I put it on unbaked dough. Thanks for the easy and delicious recipe.

It was very good!

Do I share my impressions. Having no yeast on hand to porazrovih yesterday and found this recipe. We have been doing a standard pizza I mean products and interested me the dough. Really like the texture after baking mekichko and remained, but because of this smell of baking and color you get after baking caramel brown, me not attended properly. The next time you use baking powder and I suppose we will avoid the strong smell of soda and brown. Otherwise the test is excellent! Which no capricious as my children go ahead!

I loved the recipe. Swamps really soft. Is very fast as to mix and baking the dough. Great recipe! Bravo! :)

dianakatou I also do not like the smell and taste of baking soda, baking powder but use and gets great :)

I tried this pizza. Congratulations to the one who wrote it. The peak is! Thanks for the idea.

What size pan you use to not become swamps thick and roughly how many pieces out of those products?

ceckavd, the recipe I wrote baking pan size which prepare pizza - 30/34 cm in diameter. 8 out normally large pieces.

Thanks! Sorry I think I slept this sentence while I read

To not smell soda extinguish twice. First with a little vinegar and then with yogurt. Try and you will not have a problem.

I let in the comments and I decided to try. Nothing to do with the taste of pizza. Everything went right into the basket!

Тесто Pizza - fast - this is the recipe for making it long and it strHotna. The second time and would not *cheated*!

Different people, different tastes - and why there are so many recipes, I'm glad that you found your Lerona. And all that have not yet tried * Fast confused pizza - without yeast * (although the latter opinion) try - recipe worth it.

Leroy, because you say that the comments they are misled, I feel personally affected and I feel obliged to answer you. Me I liked this recipe because it is fast and tasty and not yeast. One that you advertise with yeast, so I think the two have little in common. I do not think its correct with this statement, but your work and as said zllate - Different people, different tastes!

danulaq, thanks for shared opinion, very glad that you liked the pizza :). Test with and without yeast are really quite different, normally one of them like the one other way. I shared this recipe as a great way to prepare quick and delicious pizza, which is literally minutes. Sorry that Lerona is disappointed, I'm glad, however, that is only a recipe that is not liked the.

pizza was great too, a great recipe :) bravo

raicheto, very glad that you liked the pizza :)

To say I am. Yesterday I made this pizza recipe and the result was excellent. It was crispy but not hard - just as we love it. My husband said it was better than the one sold in Fast Food :)

BRAVO great recipe Try it became really super fast, easy, tasty.