Sponge cake Zebra - II type

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2010
250 g sugar
250 ml milk
200 ml sunflower oil
300 g flour
4 eggs (large)
1 tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp dark cocoa
1/3 tsp vanilla
Sponge cake Zebra - II type
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Eggs are broken with sugar. Add the milk and the oil and mixed thoroughly. In another bowl sifted flour with baking powder and vanilla. Was added to the eggs. Stir until smooth, but not too long to avoid the appearance no air bubbles in the mixture. The mixture was divided into two equal parts. One to add cocoa. Spread with sunflower oil and sprinkle with flour bottom round (23 cm). Pour 3-4 tbsp tablespoons of light mixture in the center of the form. Then the white (right in the center j) Pour 3-4 tbsp of dark (cocoa) mixture - for greater comfort can be used ladle. Thus, the procedure is repeated until the two mixtures. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C until ready. Finished cake is left to cool on a metal grid.
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28 Oct 2010


Very impressive! Bravo!

What I do not get it. I do not know why, I followed all instructions. No appearance, but it is delicious. I hope next time to get.

Honey, I do not know why. The recipe is from the source, but I've tried, but because I used a larger pan, remember that I put more flour and a little sugar (to the eye).

It was very tasty cake! And it is easy to implement :) Now go again to prepare :)

I'm glad my dear :) In fact, not at all difficult.

great cake, we like :)

Gerry, I'm glad :)

very tasty cake. I did, however, after baking, the figures did not look so :( Otherwise, before you put it to bake, it was just such areas as yours. I do not know why so wrong - after baking, almost the entire cake is brown ... I made him a topping of 2 natural chocolate with melted butter. Became fantasy!

Merry Christmas, Sunny :) Cake is very successful and delicious and I am glad that you like. The pictures are from a source, but when I did I get the waves. Maybe next time to try to put a little more mixture of light and less of the dark.

This time increased a little flour and cake became great and taste and look!

I do not know why, but my cake was not :( I followed all the instructions, but remained inside nedoopechen-raw-way zebra lines were wonderful. I decided to try again :)

Honey, I understand you had a problem with the baking. Try stronger degrees, because that depends on the stove. Try to 200-220 degrees.

E, my second experience with cake was successful, was very tasty. Thanks for the advice!

I am happy :)

Abe May received, but blew a lot in the middle and on the edges about 2 cm ?! Cover with chocolate and tightening will try and taste!

I did it and I poured cake with chocolate icing. Terrific.

recipe I like a lot! I start to do it, we'll see what happens.

Very nice cake ... juicy and delicious ... I Steeped in chocolate and get cake

great cake, delicious obtain. Thanks for the recipe.