Swedish rye crispbread

Submitted by enr on 18 Mar 2010
150 g rye flour
250 g fine oatmeal
100 g sesame
50 g shelled sunflower seeds
50 g shelled pumpkin seeds
20 g linseed
6 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tsp sea salt
Swedish rye crispbread
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Flour is blended with the other dry ingredients. Add 300 ml cold water and the oil and elastic dough is kneaded on a floured surface. The dough is rolled into a thin (0.5 cm) on baking paper and a knife cut into rectangular pieces. Heat the oven to 250 ° C and bake the dough is about 7 minutes. Degrees then be reduced to 200 ° C and bread dopicha still about 20-25 minutes. After removal from the oven, the bread immediately removed from the pan and cool on a wire rack.
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18 Mar 2010


I really liked this recipe. Will surely try. A pumpkin seeds goals you add? A sea salt in what is mean? Salt is sea salt, differs only in the size of the crystals (there is fine, a large and very large).

In fact there are not sea salt, now I remember :)

I ask to see if the size of the crystals is important.

Yes, pumpkin seeds are objectives and sea salt can be replaced with plain. I think the size of sea salt does not matter because it melts in the mixture. Mine is with smaller crystals. It really crispy and tasty.

Thanks for the reply, these days will do. And on sea salt (NaCl) is a little confused idea because usually sea salt I've heard it said that, with large crystals, but that which is most commonly used - *salt* call it just sol. And salt is sold for consumption today is not pure NaCl, there are many supplements to become loose, be enriched with iodine, fluorine and others. added and other items.

concept Sea salt determines where salt is harvested, not how big crystals. Sea salt is fine and coarse, and rock salt is fine and coarse. Depending on the place of production there is a difference in the flavor and the degree of salinity. There is salt, which even has a sweet taste - Fleur de cel says sea salt is one of the most expensive because it required a complex extraction procedures and accurate weather conditions.

A recipe - Bravo! Swedish bread is always present in our breakfast, most like Myolk. Will try to do it alone in your recipe. And report.

I am very pleased that we have proposed for this wonderful and healthy recipe. Long search zdavoslovna recipe with nuts without sugar.

I added a little savory. Great healthy eating! EXCELLENT!

unique recipe. I added walnuts and rose to lick your fingers!

Bravo! Kneel on healthy eating. goes straight to favorites. By - chestichko girls post those recipes here. All we need them.

Super recipe. I had rye flour and spelled flour used. Even my son loved it this bread. I think next time in half mixture to add a spoonful of honey and dried fruit.