Lentil soup

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
250 g lentils
carrots 1
2 onions
50 ml vegetable oil
4-5 cloves garlic
Lentil soup
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The lentils is cleaned and washed well, place in a bowl with cold water and boil on low heat with the oil and chopped onions and carrots. After boiling it add chopped cloves of garlic, crushed herbs and salt to taste. Broth boil for another ten minutes. In serving its taste with vinegar to taste.
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01 Dec 2002


is great! Try it, and you.

like eating my lentils here and decided to cook. Maybe need a little more vegetable oil and paprika.

Heh heh :) It's not easy, but it is wonderful :)

If you add cayenpeper it great :)

is great, just try it. Try it and you.

The most beautiful as it is fried. In a pan put oil, red pepper and flour. Fry and poured into the lentils. It great!

agree with me from Chicago, but if first in tigancheto fry a little chopped onion and then add paprika brashantseto and much more fragrant.

right Valya. However, I recommend you put and green and red bell pepper cut into strips not very wide. Becomes great. Otherwise the process, to the uninitiated suggest they try it to taste, so most easily find out when ready. But usually you soften onions - everything is hunky dory. Leshtomira, water is also at the discretion depends on how thick you like you itself - after a two samples will know. For neznaeshtite- said cayenapeper is simply cayenne pepper. And tomatoes are not mandatory, if you ask me in the summer is better without them, because making the lentils more quickly spoiled by the heat.

I would add a sprig of chopped leeks. It goes.

And I with green pepper in like her.

Hello! Today, I prepare leshtichka that time is hladnichko and such a meal is welcome. I also add 1-2 bay leaves, depending on the quantity. With roux becomes delicious.

Today we will try it, but because of the small roux.

I will also cook her today. My brother died of a lentils. Yesterday I did ogretenche and became great. This site is great. For rookies like me cooking is great.

Done became great, and finally added a little red pepper for color. Became great.

Today for the first time and I cooked lentils ... This recipe helped me and my choice was correct as of so many recipes I chose this. The lentils was my great Strebo all rated very well, which can only make me happy. I see that everyone is added and something back for it and I will share what I added to the score really tasty. Little canned tomatoes that give me the dish a unique taste. PS Bon Appetit me. :)

Super and easy recipe! For those who have concerns with roux so I constipate only meal without oil. Must be careful it does not burn, stir constantly until slightly browning the flour, then was then diluted with a light lentils and pour the finished soup. Let boil 5 minutes with baked flour. Hope you like it.

bravo ... several times already and I'm doing when I succeed it's easy .. thanks for the recipe ..

lentils becomes much more delicious if skilitkite with garlic and add 1/2 jar of chutney (home).

To increase the nutritional value of soup, you can put nyakakakav hard salami, cut into cubes. Maybe bacon, slightly pre zapalzhen a dry pan. And according Gagauz cuisine, this soup is eaten instead of bread Ruffalo relay salami or sausage.

The lentils is a high-value food product, like all legumes. The addition of bacon imported only unnecessary calories without the body to deliver any required component. Sausage matter if they are dry and have a lot of fat, which does not increase the value, but only the amount of calories.

I say only what the Gagauz tradition ...

Come in Norway and I can cook my favorite one lentils, I've never cooked lentils until now, but the recipe seems easy. I novobranka in the kitchen and this site helps me a lot to handle better.

Hello chefs! I love lentils cook her once a week. To the above recipe add chopped potatoes instead of flour and 8-10 olives, with or without stones. Peppers and tomatoes in written comments.

I would not refuse a sausage on the table never mravkarka am, but definitely lentils with sausage I do not give make sense.